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Call me, TV, when you stop hand holding

Resurrection is the latest show in trend for me, which I call "I'll start watching you when you start getting serious."

Some other examples have been Arrow, Haven, and Intruders.

These are shows where I sensed they were going to have a long ramp up before getting to the meat of the story/letting it's freak flag fly. In some cases, it was to build up to a metaplot, in other cases it's a blatant effort to let non-genre audiences get comfortable with the premise.


Personally, I don't need that sort of hand holding, it bores me a bit. Not because of a lack of action, but because I know the tropes and pacing by heart. It's too much wheel-spinning for too little reward.

It's why Sleepy Hollow and maybe the Flash are going to have me onboard on day one.

For contrast, AoS was a exception in that I had a yearning hope it would get better. I consider myself lucky that there's been a payoff. And maaaybe Gotham will be an exception in the opposite vain, only because it seems to be two different shows at times.

Does any one else feel this urge to skip half a season or two just to skip the drawn out build up?

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