Last week I posted about trying to install TIE Fighter on my modern PC. I've not yet tried the DOSBox or Virtual Machine options to get it running, but I will report back on that soon. Instead, this week I've been playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

The game runs surprisingly well on my Windows 7 -64bit machine. I've experienced a bug in character movement though that sometimes requires I switch to a different character in my group because the one I'm controlling won't move. I consider this to be a minor problem and would rate the playability on a modern PC to be a 9 out of 10.

As many of you remember the game starts out with your character waking up on a Republic ship being attacked by the Sith army. You crash on the world of Taris with Carth Onassi and your mission is to find the Jedi (who uses a dual bladed saber!) commander who presumably crashed on the planet before you escaped the damaged ship.

Throughout your introduction to the game you're presented with some primary quests that must be completed to advance the story and some secondary quests that will help you gain XP and will swing your character to light or dark. In my mind this makes the game something you can play through twice and find the game to be extremely different. I find myself very curious about what would have happened if I had agreed to swoop race for the Black Vulkars.


The graphics on the game certainly don't hold up 10 years later, but the story does and in my opinion so does the game play. The game is available on Steam if you don't already own it. It is definitely worth a pair of play throughs.