Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Return of Creative Challenge...If You Want To.

I know that the main page has been doing creative challenges lately but I really wanted to do one based on this picture. I haven't been reading much this year so now I'm making myself write at least two challenges or a short story for every week I don't read.

So if you guys want to join in, the challenge for this picture is either writing about a brain-scape like this or based off of this picture. 55 words, minimum.

Illustration for article titled Return of Creative Challenge...If You Want To.

Here's mine!

She noticed the shadows move across her work and slid off her headphones. "What do you need, Logan?" Logan rested his arms onto the cluttered table and looked over her shoulder. "Nothing. Just checking on you. What are you working on?" She tilted her sketchpad towards him and rested her head on the tables. "A self portrait." The drawing instantly captured his eyes. It held a young girl, looking over her shoulder with a butterfly resting on it. "This girl looks nothing like you." Logan said. "No, not that. " She replies, pointing the explosive imagery that rested on the girl's head. A Buddha nestled between a microscope and test tubes, a dragon roaring at fighter planes and a dove and samurai swords peppered within, all seeming held back by a pair of work goggles and the blooming flowers that sat on the girl's brow.


Logan frowned. "How so?" She sighed. "Her thoughts. My thoughts. Conflicting times and goals, destructive and creative, violent and peacefully, all going in whatever directions they wish and all in space too small to contain it. Delicately excessive." Logan looked down at the girl next to him and worried. "That sounds exhausting." "You have no idea." She rolled her her head in his directions. "I had another one of my existential crisis and I decided to avert my descent into madness with drawing and this just popped out." She leaned back and stretched her sore limbs. "That's the catch-22 with the human mind. You saddled with the doubts and worries and all around panic but some days, you get things like this too."

Logan slid the sketching pad back to her. "So you'd rather have that," He said, pointing to the explosion. "Than a mind that goes in a nice straight line." She scoffed. "Absolutely. Normality is boring." She remarked, snapping her headphones back on her ears.

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