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Return of the Quarks (in time for Christmas)

With a seasonal lull in selling dragons, lately, I’ve been taking advantage of FFIWS , a community MakerSpace in Porthmadog, set up by Arloesi Gwynedd Wledig to encourage some new start-ups or support local businesses. I’m hoping my own space shot will coalesce into something achievable with their help (Don’t laugh).

In the meantime I have been familiarising myself with some of their kit. As a consequence most of my family will be getting some natty wooden keyrings for Christmas. Maybe a custom mug or two as well.


But coming round to their 3D printer, I have to make a seasonal shout out to O-Decker Blue Hinter since I pinched his Quark model for a try out. Showing my age slightly because no one else remembers the Quarks round here. Not even the chap who made a replica of Thor’s hammer, Mijolnir.

Anyway, having scaled down Blue Hinter’s model and a couple of attempts recalibrating it for the FFIWS printer, I got to run off my own little Quark ready for a spot of domination. Thank you, Blue.

I’ve got a little bit of work to do on it, sanding some edges, but otherwise I’m pleased with the result. Alpha Centauri next, perhaps?


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