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Review: I, Frankenstein

[Note: I don't consider this to contain spoilers — it's spoiled all by itself though.]

All I was hoping for was some monster-action fun, but before settling in to watch the movie, I didn't know that I, Frankenstein was based on a graphic novel. Maybe knowing that fact beforehand would have helped prepare me a bit (I also didn't fully read Annalee's review, on purpose), because when I finally realized how this story would be handled, I was squirming in my seat, wanting to bail early. For anyone else who might be thinking of going into this movie with the minimal level of background details as me, Frankenstein is essentially the Frankenstein's monster story repurposed into a modern superhero movie. In fact, our unaging hero carries such a Wolverine-like chip on his shoulder that Frankenstein might be considered yet another X-Men installment, albeit a boring, predictable one.


I hate to say this again (as I did recently about 47 Ronin), but this movie has already been done much better many times, and unless you really want to see Frankenstein's creature, or "Adam" as he is christened in one scene, reworked as a fairly uninteresting superhero with a very standard mission to hold back the forces of evil, this movie is completely skippable. A couple of other points of interest include the fact that much of the human race seemed to be conveniently absent for all the outside battles, and at least a couple of scenes elicited some laughs from the audience when clearly no humor was intended.

While I didn't read all of Annalee's review beforehand, mostly to avoid spoilers, I did ask in the comments if she would recommend it for IMAX, as my local theater has an IMAX 3D showing. Annalee's response was a flat "No." I'll take that one step further and recommend you don't pay anything for this movie, even for the 2D version which I opted for. Oh, I won't say don't ever give it a shot – the perfect time to watch it is on one of those sleepless night where you need the kind of TV distraction that hints that there might be something of interest for you, but in the end you get what you really needed in the first place – sleep.


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