I'll start by saying this: I really enjoyed this show. The funny thing is, I didn't expect to. I just figured it would be a fun diversion, an animated show with decent stories and OK animation, but nothing truly intense. Wow, was I wrong!

The development of the four main characters: mainstay DC GL characters Hal Jordan and Kilowog, and newcomers Aya and Razer... these characters had more chemistry than many live action shows. By the end of the all-too-short first (and last) season (I wanted a lot more than 26 episodes!) you were left with some sense of closure, but it was left wide open for a continuation as well.

Now on to the SPOILERS!:


When last we left our intrepid band of Green Lanterns (and a Red Lantern...) the out-of-control Green Lantern ship the Interceptor’s AI (Aya) had melded with the Anti-Monitor, a creation of Guardian science (you know, those little people floating around barking orders at the Green Lanterns) that had run amok, deciding that the only way to instill order in the Universe was to wipe out all living things. This Anti-Monitor begins resurrecting the Manhunters, an army of robotic enforcers (the precursors to the GL Corp) and setting them off against the rest of the Universe. (oh yeah, and the Guardians created these robots as well! Way to go, Guardians!)

This construct was ultimately defeated (or so we thought; the dismembered robot head of the Anti-Monitor pops back up later, but does little to help the story along) by the robotic embodiment of Aya, who was driven to somewhat reckless action by having her (perceived) robotic heart broken by Razer, whom she had fallen for. However, in doing so she instead melded with the now-headless Monitor body, in essence becoming the Aya Monitor. Aya Monitor sets off on a wave of destruction, gathering energy from decimated star systems in order to (we find out) open a gateway to the creation of the Universe, so as to alter the Big Bang by keeping biological life from ever coming into existence.

What is discovered along the way, to everyone's surprise, is that douchebag Guardian Scar actually used a portion of the living energy in the Central GL Battery to put the 'spark of life' in Aya. As such, Aya is indeed a living being, not just a robot. (Keep this in mind for later)


With me so far?

Hal Jordan takes the brunt of the blame for setting Aya loose on the Universe, but it is Razer's own actions in breaking Aya's heart that have truly brought about this apocalyptic situation.


What transpires, as the final episode opens, is that the Guardians send the whole of the Green Lantern Corp on what all of them pretty much consider a suicide mission at worst, a hopeless cause at best. However, they point out that the Green Lanterns can do no less as sworn protectors of the Universe.

This, of course, isn't good enough for Hal. He sneaks off to the GL Library to do a little research on what exactly Aya has been up to. After a minor pep talk from fellow GL Tomar-Re, Hal digs a little deeper, discovering that Aya has in fact only been destroying uninhabited systems! Off goes Hal to try to catch up with the already-deployed GL Corps, led by another Earth GL, Guy Gardner (brilliantly voiced by Dietrich Bader).


Aya Monitor instructs the Manhunters to hold off the GL Corp while she finishes the final manipulations of the dawn of time (illustrated as a big God-hand holding creation in preparation for it all to go BOOM and start the Universe... OK animators, I guess you had to do something there...).

And so the battle ensues, with some great secondary GL cameos including Ch'p, Salaak (acting as battle coordinator), Chaselon, and others.


Though not a suicide mission per se, it is obvious that the GL's aren't making any headway against the Manhunters. As the stalemate continues, HAl arrives and tells the others they need to stop, that Aya isn't what she seems. The GL's have their orders, however, and with Guy in the lead, they continue to fight. Thus in typical Hal Jordan fashion, Hal sets off to get to Aya on top of the Monitor body to reason with her. He's helped by Kilowog and a reluctant Guy Gardner in the process.

Hal comes face to face with Aya and implores her to stop, knowing that she never destroyed any inhabited systems. Aya, however, is too far gone it seems, and instead captures Hal in order for him to bear witness to her plan as the final living being to exist before the end/beginning.


The battle continues outside as Hal is taken by Aya to the start of everything. While there, Hal realizes that only Razer can get through to her and calls to the GL's to send Razer in.

This next bit was one of my favorite moments, as Razer is put into a large rifle/cannon construct created by Kilowog and Guy, and fired like a bullet at the Monitor body! The banter here continues to satisfy, between Razer, Kilowog, and Guy. However, you see Razer come to terms with what he must do: perhaps some of the meditation he learned from Saint Walker when he studied with the Blue Lanterns (in an attempt to control his rage) rubbed off... or maybe it was just acceptance of the inevitable.

Razer, using his red ring's energy to fashion a bullet construct around himself, blasts through the Monitor armor and enters the gateway to the Big Bang. There, he sees Hal at the mercy of Aya, with the dawn of creation imminent. Realizing what must be done, Razer fashions a knife out of red energy, planning to plunge it into Aya's back, though unknown to Razer, Hal is just starting to get through to Aya with the revelation that she is actually forged from a living energy.

At the very last moment, however, Razer's emotions get the best of him, and he hesitates; this is all the time Aya needs to realize he is there and to blast him with her enhanced Monitor energy, putting him on the edge of death. And THIS is what finally breaks Aya out of her non-emotional robotic state. She rushes to Razer's side, and an emotional reunion takes place. Hal implores Aya to reset what she has changed which she does, then grabs Hal and Razer and rushes them through the gateway, protecting them from residual Big Bang energy as the gateway closes.


Aya reverts back to her pre-evil appearance, and uses the energy she still wields to heal Razer. And so all comes to a happy ending...

... NOT!

This is what I loved about the series: it could get dark when it wanted to. Aya, in a moment of horrid realization, confesses that all of the Manhunters have been imprinted with evil-Aya overlays, thus any single one of them could restart the process she just terminated. This is where the tear-jerker moment happens, because it is Aya who sacrifices herself by broadcasting a virus that will wipe out all Aya software... including her own! Razer has finally accepted his love for Aya, has been saved by her, seen her come back to the good guy team... only to lose her moments later. In Razer's embrace, Aya shudders as the virus hits her, and she shuts down, then dissipates in what can be assumed to be a scattering of all the contained energy she was harnessing. (anybody flashback to Doctor Who Voyage of the Damned episode and Kylie Minogue's character?)


The final scene is one that I immensely enjoyed: Razer parting ways with Hal and Kilowog, determined to seek out any trace of Aya, which he believes must still exist in the Universe. Kilowog gets all mushy, and Hal wishes Razer well, and tells him to call if every he needs their help. Razer powers up and soars off into the starry night. It is at this point I found myself saying: wait... this guy admitted to love, fought as an equal beside the Green Lantern Corp... why the hell is he still able to wield a Red Lantern ring?

Well, kudos to the writers of the show, who must have thought the same thing... as Rzer's form disappears into the distance, up pops a Blue Lantern ring, which hovers for a moment before shooting off in pursuit of Razer.

All in all, a satisfying end to the GL series, though I am left wanting more.