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Thanks to a comment I made to a recent io9.com article, I dug out my DVD collection of the original The Outer Limits black & white series. I had bought this DVD set last Christmas, but hadn't even torn the wrapping off of it until now. I've watched several of my favorite episodes in the past few days. This may just be nostalgia talking, but for me at least, they hold up, and I'm really enjoying them. In hindsight, I can't quite believe my parents even let me watch this show when it first aired in 1963; I would have been only seven. I remember the monsters very clearly, while most of the human drama that was actually the center of the show went over my head. What really amazes me is how slow paced and deliberate it is compared to television today. They spend many precious seconds of screen time in character development, or just taking their time showing stuff that isn't really part of the central action. I can't imagine a show doing this today. Even the dialog is spoken more slowly. The only television show today that I could compare to it might be Doctor Who.


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