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Rewatching Pacific Rim for the first time outside a cinema

... This is still the greatest movie of 2013.

I'd not really forgotten how much I loved Pacific Rim, but rewatching brings all those feelings flooding back. It's the sort of movie that you watch in one of those doldrums when you don't quite know what you want to watch, or if you've got friends over and want something you don't really have to pay attention to and you can all chat along... and it's just something you watch with the biggest shit eating grin on your face. Primarily, it's just such a fun experience. I've enjoyed a lot of movies this year, some more than others, but I don't think there's been a film this year, heck, a film in a very long time, that I just love every beat of. It makes my heart want to burst watching it, and I can't remember the last movie to evoke such a primal expression of joy.


It's also the first home cinema experience I've had. Now I'm a PS4 owner this Christmas I've decided to join you kids with your fandangled Blu-rays and your 1080ps with the big TVs and the whatnots, so Pacific Rim is the first Blu-Ray movie I own and have watched on my first 1080p 42" TV. In the past I've not really cared enough. Everything looked fine to me. I couldn't really tell the difference between Blu-Ray and DVD, so why spend the few extra quid? Even moreso when I upgraded from my decade old sony SDTV (I know, I'm terrible, there's tech fans having palpitations reading this) to a 720p 32" last year. It felt good enough, so why bother?

Hoo boy, I'm glad I bothered.

THIS MOVIE IS REALLY PRETTY AND I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT SAID PRETTINESS. Ughhh, so good. So good! How good? So good. Every frame is like a goddamn work of pretty, pretty art. And it's so crisp and detailed and lovely loveliness okay I am on board with this thing you've all been on board with for like 7 years now or whatever. Everything is so gorgeously rendered in this movie that I think I'm sexually attracted to every one and everything in it:

Those abs


That jawline


Dat moustache



... Ahem.

So yeah, basically, Pacific Rim holds up on a rewatch. Multiple rewatches. All the rewatches. Best film ever.

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