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Rewatching the Original Robocop

The zeerust! I was surprised to find out the original took place in the far off future of 2014. It is kinda cool the new movie comes out the year this one took place.

In the future of 2014 we don't have very high quality graphics. Also the future of USBs? Giant spikes. Probably easier to plug in.


I love silly retro tech. Not sure if it is a lack of foresight by the creators or they just don't want to speculate badly. Or maybe not wanting to spend to much money on sets.

I have a feeling though in 20 years I might feel the same about current sci fi. Who knows!

What is your favorite silly retro sci fi stuff? Think today's stuff will hold up well?

Also Ed209 is kinda cute trying to figure out how to stairs and I felt bad for it falling.


Edit: I pulled the 2014 date from Wikipedia. I read the script originally placed it around 2043. Not sure how it being further in future would help with the silly 80sness of it.

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