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Rick and Carol and Ted and Alice

Can we talk about The Walking Dead for a minute? ***Spoilers for the show and comic***

So I watched the latest episode today and I have some concerns. The season was moving along well, but now seems to be bogging down. That's not my main issue though. I don't like what happened with Carol. What she did would be wrong if it happened in our lives, but I'm not sure it is wrong in the world of the zombie apocalypse. This seems to be one of my biggest flaws with this show. They aren't living like survivors. First we had Dale, who had to moralize every single thing that happened to the group, constantly trying to preserve the rules of society. Then Herschel took over, trying to bring some spiritual guidance to the group. Now Rick has taken over not wanting to endanger some random hippies and sending Carol off into exile for killing two members of the group who were infected with the flu.


This is a complete 180 degree turn from the group in the comics. After the events of Woodbury and the prison, Rick, Andrea and the rest of the group are barely holding it together. When the cannibals attack them and eat Dale's legs, Rick doesn't hesitate to torture and kill them. When Ben, one of the twins that Andrea and Dale adopted, kills his brother, Carl straight up murders him in the middle of the night. This is a group that has thrown out all of the outmoded rules of society and are doing whatever it takes to survive. Even when they arrive in the safe zone of Alexandria, Rick secretly keeps his gun because he is in constant survival mode.

The group from the comics is a group that has made mistakes but is learning from them and being molded to survive in the zombie world. The group on the show is holding tight to the principles of a world that no longer exists and paying the price over and over again without learning any lessons. What Carol demonstrated was the attitude that would be required to survive in this world and I hope she is not gone for good.

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