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Rick and Morty question:

Apologies if I’m the last one in the dimension to notice this, but in ‘The Rickshank Redemption’ when Rick makes the blemflarck worth 0 of itself and cause financial chaos, could he just as easily made it worth any multiple of itself (except 1 of itself) and caused it again to become worthless? Gratuitous equation ahead: if x= value of the blemflarck and a = multiplied value not equal to 1 then x =ax implies x-ax=0 implies x(1-a)=0 implies (since we’re assuming a isn’t 1) that x=0, i.e. worthless blemflarcks! A second question: why would the Gromflomites have a setting on their financial computer that if changed to anything but its default value (1) would cause financial chaos? Seems needlessly risky to me...


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