On this week's Rick and Morty, for every universe there is a Rick, for every Rick, there is a Morty. Spoilers ahead!

This week's episode opens with the family eating breakfast. Beth tells Rick that tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of him coming back into the family's lives! Suddenly, another Rick and Morty, bearing a nasty scar and eyepatch, enter through a portal, shoot Rick in the head, and kidnap his Morty. Roll intro!

The next day in (what we can assume to be) our universe, the family is eating breakfast when a squad of Ricks in uniform enter through another portal, saying that Rick of our universe (C-137) is under arrest. The family protests, but the Ricks take our Rick and Morty into custody.

They are taken to the Citadel of Ricks, the secret headquarters of the Council of Ricks. It turns out that other dimensions have had plenty of adventures and problems of their own, and that some of those dimensions Ricks decided to band together, creating a secret club of Ricks. Rick isn't a big fan of it.


As the Ricks escort Rick and Morty through the Citadel, we get to see a ton of background gags. This part reminded me a lot (unsurprisingly) of "Rixty Minutes," and we get to see some pretty crazy alternate Ricks and Mortys, including the return of the Cronenbergs (it's good to see they're doing well), Rick and Morty with shirt colors swapped, salesmen Rick, and even Cowboy!Rick and Cowboy!Morty. It's a really fun scene filled with sight gags.

Before the Council of Ricks, our Rick is accused of the murder of 37 alternate Ricks (including The Scientist Formerly Known As Rick). Rick is angry at the accusation, but a scan of his portal gun shows that he actually did travel to the exact timelines and locations where the murders happened. After being sentenced to a little ball-stabbing, Rick manages to break free of the Ricks, and steal a portal gun. We get a fun chase sequence through some bizarre alternate worlds, before finally landing in a world where chairs sit on people, and eat phones.


Meanwhile, the house for our family is being tapped and guarded by the Ricks. Beth is loving having a bunch of Ricks around, but Jerry is a little less happy, especially since they all love screwing with him as much as our Rick does.

At a phone restaurant, our Rick and Morty discuss how almost every dimension has a Rick paired with a Morty. Morty thinks it must mean their relationship is pretty special, until Rick reveals that it's actually because Morty's idiot brainwaves cancel out Rick's genius brainwaves, making it much harder to locate him. Morty isn't happy about this fact.


Rick learns that his portal gun was hacked remotely, framing him for someone else's crimes. Two more Ricks show up (and mark their foreheads with red X's so that there won't be any confusion who's who), but our Rick and Morty manage to escape to the dimension that Rick's portal gun was hacked from.

What they find there is genuinely disturbing.


Thousands of Mortys strapped to the walls of a dome, being constantly tortured to mask the brainwaves of a Rick so completely that even the other Ricks couldn't find him. Rick says he's experimented with the idea before… On paper! That's not enough for Morty.

Back in our dimension, Jerry actually starts to form a bond with one of the Ricks, a Rick with a bowl cut and buck teeth, who actually seems nice and caring. The other Ricks start calling him Doofus!Rick, and make fun of the two of them.

As our Rick and Morty wander through the evil lair, Morty angrily tells Rick off, and says that he doesn't like being used as nothing more than a human shield. The two of them are ambushed by scorpion monsters, and Rick actually manages to kill four of them with his bare hands (did we know Rick was a capable fighter before now?), but they're just replaced by more.


Suddenly our villain is revealed.

The scarred Rick and Morty from the opening!

Having captured our Rick and Morty, Evil!Rick and Evil!Morty are separated. Morty is taken with Evil!Morty, and our Morty tries to get Evil!Morty to turn on Evil!Rick. Evil!Morty says, defeatedly, that it's pointless, Mortys can never defeat Ricks. Our Morty is locked in a cell with other Mortys.


Our Rick is strapped down to a table, as Evil!Rick reveals his plans. Evil!Rick has created a spectrum of every possible Rick, from most evil to least evil. It turns out that Evil!Rick is only two Ricks more evil than our Rick is. His evil plan is to download our Rick's mind, and use it for his own bidding, before killing our Rick.

Back in our dimension, Doofus!Rick and Jerry continue to bond. Jerry shows Doofus!Rick some coins which he absolutely loves, but which people constantly make fun of him for buying. Doofus!Rick tells him that, speaking as a genius, they probably won't increase in value, but that they obviously have meaning to him, and that's what's important. Jerry hugs Doofus!Rick, saying that he's found his favorite Rick.


Meanwhile, Morty discovers a cult of the One True Morty exists among the cells of the Mortys, and is quickly crowned their messiah. Under his leadership, the Mortys rebel against the scorpion monsters, and break out of their cells.

As Evil!Rick copies our Rick's memories, we see memories of Morty, and our Rick actually starts tearing up. He insists that he isn't crying about a Morty, but it's actually a really nice moment.

The Mortys charge into Evil!Rick's evil room, and quickly kill Evil!Rick. Our Morty frees our Rick, saying that he's lucky he's not a Rick (oh god these sentences are confusing), and Rick responds that it's no time for arcs. Rick calls the Ricks to tell them that he found the real killer ("What do OJ and I not have in common?"), and frees all the Mortys that were being tortured.


As the Ricks leave our dimension, Doofus!Rick and Jerry have to leave, despite neither one wanting to be separated.

The Council of Ricks shows up to escort the Rick-less Mortys back home, where they'll have to live out their lives normally ("Poor Rick-less bastards…"). The Council takes our Rick and Morty back to the Citadel, and officially apologize to Rick for accusing him of the murders. They even offer him a coupon for a free Morty, should anything ever happen to his (which Rick accepts while Morty's back is turned).


As Rick and Morty leave the Citadel, Morty asks if it's time for arcs yet, and Rick blows him off. Morty says he can't believe Rick doesn't want to connect with him even now, and Rick tells him that if he wants connection, go form a club like the other Ricks did. He's doesn't connect because he's the Rick-est Rick, and therefore he must have the Morty-est Morty. Morty likes the sound of being the Morty-est Morty, and Rick says not to let it get to his head, and that bad things happen when a Morty's head gets too big. Morty asks what he means, and Rick says he'll explain when he's older.

Then we cut back to Evil!Rick's lair, as the Ricks clean up. As the Evil!Rick body is being examined, they discover that it wasn't a Rick at all, it was a robot being controlled remotely. We then cut to discover the mastermind behind the whole plot, Evil!Morty!


Evil!Morty takes off his eyepatch (actually the transmitter), and blends into the crowd, having escaped justice.

The Good:

I loved just about every minute of this episode, in fact, it might be my new favorite.


Now see, this is the kind of continuity which I feel can only make the show better, using the established alternate dimensions (which are always fun when involved) to set up a crazy and unique premise. Plus, we've got a villain now, one who it sure seems is bound to show up again!

Just about every minute of this episode is fun. Seeing Rick play off of himself is a blast, dimension hopping is a blast, the Jerry and Doofus!Rick scenes are great, the tour of the Citadel and all the background gags there are great, absolutely everything worked for me.

I'm hoping we'll see the Council of Ricks and Evil!Morty again, when the time is right. A whole city populated by thousands of versions of the same guy is just a cool idea, and it was super funny here.


I also thought real briefly when they revealed Evil!Rick was a robot, that our Rick would turn out to be behind it all after all, and I'm really glad they didn't go that direction with it.

The Bad:

Really, nothing springs to mind. I just thoroughly enjoyed this episode.