Tonight is the season finale of Rick and Morty. What could possibly go wrong? Spoilers ahead!

Tonight's episode opens as Beth and Jerry are leaving the house over night to go on a Titanic-themed anniversary retreat. Beth is less than thrilled about this. She's left Rick in charge (which she fully understands will be a terrible idea), so she warns him that if anything, anything goes wrong, no more adventures with Morty. As Morty put it, we know that it's serious since it's coming from Beth. Beth and Jerry drive off… And mutant eels Rick was creating in his lab immediately eat the garage door, before flying off. Summer: "Well, we're past the point of no return, I'm going to have a party!"

After the opening credits title, we cut to Summer preparing for her party. Morty tells her she can't have a party or he and Rick will get punished… Which isn't a huge motivator. Rick then tells her that she can't have a party… Because he's going to! Summer and Rick decide to have their parties at the same time (which couldn't possibly go wrong), because Summer wants to have a chance to become more popular, and Rick wants to get wasted.

As Jerry and Beth reach the Titanic 2, an attraction based on recreating the film for couples, which is 100% guaranteed to sink ("It's un-unsinkable!") Beth, already unenthused with the idea, decides she wants to skip the "I'm king of the world" line, and pairs Jerry up with one of the cleaning staff, Lucy.


As the party gets going, Summer's excited to see people like Brad (who I last remember seeing in "Rick Potion #9"), and some of Rick's guests, like new-favorite-character (not really) Birdperson, start showing up.

Morty isn't happy about the whole thing, and Rick's party guests (another really fun series of sight gags, including some of the stair people from "Meeseeks and Destroy") are, obviously, extremely bizarre. Morty tries doing damage control as the party goes on, but he wouldn't be able to keep up with Summer's guests, let alone Rick's. Acid vomit, murder, it's a big mess. Morty goes to complain to Rick, who just blows him off and sticks him with a gear-person who rambles for twenty minutes about the gear wars.

After finally getting away, Morty comes to complain to Rick once again. Rick tells him to relax, but Morty says that he's going to get in trouble, and there's not even anything in it for him this time. No sooner than he says that, Jessica walks in (in slo-mo thanks to Slomobious).


Back on the Titanic 2, Jerry and the maid are having a fantastic time as two Titanic fanatics. It's finally time for the iceberg. Unfortunately, the ship… Does not have a problem. The ship doesn't crash into the iceberg as the rail system has malfunctioned, and the ship is perfectly safe. It's a disaster.

The party, meanwhile, is going surprisingly well. The house is messed up, but still standing, which is better than average for Rick. Plus, we get to see more Birdperson! The uncool girl, Nancy, shows up to Summer's party, and Summer completely disses her. Rick says that's not cool, and that everyone should be included at a party. Of course, as he says that, in walks…


Abradolph Lincler. This show is the best.

Abradolph Lincler is a failed experiment of Rick's, where he tried to create a morally neutral leader by combining the DNA of Abraham Lincoln and Adolph Hitler. It didn't go well, and Lincler is mostly just confused.


Lincler rants toward Rick, his creator, before bumping into Brad. Brad takes offense to this, and Lincler brushes him off, which Brad takes as racist. Lincler says he's half Abraham Lincoln so… You know. Brad finds that super racist, and starts beating Lincler up, to the cheers of the crowd.

Jessica is none too happy about Brad acting so macho, and runs off. Rick pushes Morty to go follow her. After hitting it off with her, he takes her into Rick's lab. She's amazed by the sciencey gobbledeygook, unfortunately, just as Morty is about to confess his love to her, Jessica notices bizarre sounds coming from a supply closet. They open the door… To find one of the party guests from earlier "squanching." Gross.

Morty backs up in horror, and knocks over a device, which shatters, envelopes the house in a green energy bubble, and teleports it away.


Rick notices that the house has been teleported away… But says it's fine, and for the party to continue!

After the commercial, Rick, Summer, and Morty stand out back of the house. Summer says she'd be furious with Morty, if the party weren't still going strong. Morty freaks out saying that everything is going horribly wrong, but Rick dismisses him, telling him it'll be fine if they can find some crystals, which he detects on a thing just a few miles away. Rick says he can't go to get them, but sends Rick with Lincler. Summer decides it's a great way to get rid of Nancy too, so she sends her along.


Back on the ship, Jerry is furious that the ship didn't sink. Beth decides to go back to her cabin and finish her book, and says Jerry should go off with Lucy again. The two of them explore the ship, finally reaching the room where Jack painted Rose/sexed up Rose in a car. She throws her clothes off. Jerry explains he didn't want to lead her on, but that he's really not interested in her like that. She pulls a gun. She won't take "no" for an answer, furious that she, a huge Titanic fan, has had to watch so many people go through her dream over and over, and has never gotten a chance to participate.

Morty, Nancy, and Lincler finally reach the crystals, only to be ambushed by alien monsters. Lincler fights them off, but is severely wounded in the process. He tells Morty that he can't go on, and says he has one last thing to tell Morty. Something important.


Morty and Nancy, in tears, return to the party without Lincler. Rick's thrilled to have the crystals. Morty tells Rick what Lincler's final words were, and that he loved Rick like a father, and only ever wanted his approval. Rick says that Lincler's sacrifice wasn't in vain, and that he saved… The party! Those crystals are going to get him super high! DANCE NUMBER! WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB!

Morty is really furious that Rick tricked him, and Rick says he can take them back any time. Morty says to do it then. Rick agrees, but everyone starts booing Morty for ruining the party.

Back at the Titanic 2, Jerry has finished sketching Lucy, and she forces him at gunpoint into the car. Just before it's too late, Beth appears with security, throwing a book at Lucy's head. "Bet you're glad I think Kindles are dumb now!"


At the car, Jerry and Beth pack up. Beth apologizes, saying she hadn't pegged Lucy for a rapist. Jerry goes off on "What does a rapist look like?" and it implies he was raped by a polish man at some point in the past. We get some more Titanic jokes I really don't care about, before seeing that Lucy is Cape-Fearing on the bottom of the car. As the car drives off, she falls, and is run over. She's not dead, but she's screaming in pain as we see them drive away.

As the party ends, Morty is officially freaking out. He's also not happy to see Jessica leaving with Brad. Squanchey (the masturbating alien from before) is throwing an after party, but when Summer says she's coming, he tells her that she isn't welcome. Nancy told everyone that Summer was being a bitch to her.


Rick passes out on the couch, and Birdperson stays behind a moment to help clean, and to speak to Morty. Birdperson asks if Morty knows what "wubba lubba dub dub" means, and Morty says it's just Rick's dumb catchphrase. Birdperson reveals that in his native tongue, it actually means "I am in great pain, please help me." Morty says that Rick isn't really that deep, and is just saying it ironically, but Birdperson tells him that Rick really is in great pain, and needs Morty there with him. Who knew wubba lubba dub dub was so deep?

Summer gets a text that Beth and Jerry are almost home, and Morty wakes Rick up asking him to fix it. Rick asks for one of his billion devices with buttons and blinking lights on it, Summer happens to find it, and Rick uses it to freeze time.

We get a cleaning montage during this frozen time, as Jerry and Beth are about to step into the house, which eventually turns into a "screwing around with frozen people" montage, as they pull people's pants off, and steal a TV. At the end of the episode, Summer, Morty, and Rick watch the end of Titanic, and all agree that it sucked.


Morty notes that Rick hasn't said his "wubba lubba dub dub" catchphrase a single time during all of this, and Rick says it's because he has a new catch phrase. "I love my grandkids."

…"Psych, just kidding my new catchphrase is 'I don't give a f—k! Roll credits go! That's the end of season one!"


The Good:

This was a good episode, although it's hard to live up to the previous one. I like the fact that they got the big-scale actiony episode out of the way in the penultimate episode of the season, so that they could do a (for Rick and Morty) small scale episode focusing on the characters themselves this time around.

I'm extremely glad to see that the "wubba lubba dub dub" gag got some development. This show has had almost no throwaway jokes so far, and they've come back to wubba lubba dub dub so many times that I'm glad to see they've added more to it. For a show that appeared up front to be an outrageous comedy and little else, the characters have each gotten some serious development this season, and that's only over eleven episodes. I'm really excited to see where they go from here.


That said, I hope they're done with the wubba lubba dub dub joke now. It was funny, we all had a great time, but I don't want them to wear it too thin, and just like with the Beth and Jerry considering a divorce subplot, it's time for it to stop, or at least to fade for a while. It started as a parody of dumb nonsense catchphrases, and it runs the risk of becoming a dumb nonsense catchphrase. That said, right as I was thinking that during the episode, Rick supposedly retires it, so let's hope he's serious.

The Bad:

I didn't think the Titanic 2 subplot worked that well. It was all right, but I've come to expect more from all right in this show (with the notable exception of "Raising Gazorpazorp," which I thought was a pretty bad episode).


Overall though, it was a good episode, and a good way to end the first season. I'm excited to see what crazy places they'll go in season two.