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RiffTrax will live riff The Five Doctors on August 17th!

Hot damn! MST3K alumni Mike, Kevin, and Bill were being super secretive about the final film in their latest round of RiffTrax LIVE! events, and now we know why. They’ve teamed up with the BBC to live riff the 1983 Doctor Who 20th Anniversary special The Five Doctors!

The two Peter Cushing Dalek movies were spectacular, and I can’t really think of a better classic episode of Doctor Who more deserving of riffing than this one. (No word on whether we can expect them to use the originally transmitted version or the “enhanced” edition with added CGI shittiness that was used for the DVD release)


And since they apparently traveled all the way to England to make the announcement, I wonder if that means they’ll break with tradition and do their live broadcast from inside the TARDIS or the Doctor Who Experience, which I would actually prefer, since one of my beefs with RiffTrax LIVE events is that it’s sometimes hard to hear jokes over two sets of audiences laughing.

Tickets will go on sale April 14th through Fathom Events.

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