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Yesterday morning, I was watching the third episode of The Six Million Dollar Man, called "Operation Firefly", while I was eating breakfast. (Got the Season 1 DVDs for Christmas!)

Playing the villain was a guy I recognized, because he'd been at every New Year's party put on by my Dad's best friend (Everybody being buddies from their days at Carnegie Tech).

I didn't remember or look up the guy's name — I just went, "Hey, I know that guy from those New Year's parties!" and moved on.


When I woke up at about 10:00 last night, I checked "The Latest" at CNN.com, and saw "Actor Joseph Ruskin dies". I went "Who the hell's Joseph Ruskin?", so I clicked on the link — but they didn't show a picture of him, just a montage of "People we lost in 2013", so I had to Google him... OH MY GOD! It's that same guy!

And to make it even weirder: My first memory of watching Star Trek as a child was of his character, Galt, Master Thrall of the planet Triskelion, with his glowing eyes and creepy voice...

The Gamesters of Triskelion (episode) - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki Welcome to Triskelion - YouTube


All those years seeing this guy on New Year's, and I never recognized him from Star Trek!

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