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Riri Williams Makes a Live Action Appearance for MIT

Riri Williams and her Ironheart suit from the cover of Invincible Iron Man #4.

Riri Williams, also known as the hero Ironheart, who recently appeared and has taken the place of Iron Man (while he’s...indisposed) in the Marvel Universe, has now appeared someone else: in MIT’s Admission teaser.

According to the Boston Globe, each year, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology releases the names of the students admitted on Pi Day (March 14 or 3.14) and they tease this date with an elaborate video. This year, the video features a live-action version of Riri Williams as she planned and constructed and flew the Ironheart armor.


In the comics, Riri Williams actually did go to MIT, although she was on the verge of being kicked out due to stealing the supplies to build her Mark I armor. So far, the comic has yet to say whether or not she is still enrolled in MIT, but the MIT website certainly lists her as part of the Class of ‘20.

Perhaps next year, she can team up with Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur:

Devil Dinosaur, Ironheart, and Moon Girl on the cover of Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #15.

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