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Hi, do you have any old issues of Transmetropolitan?

Many of you here, as evidenced in recent weeks' posts, are Robin Williams fans. Many of you are also fans of Community, Rick and Morty, and Dan Harmon's work in general. One of the things Harmon does is a regular podcast before a live audience at the back of Meltdown Comics in Hollywood. It's called Harmontown. But you probably already knew that.


What you may have forgotten is that last April during a Harmontwon show, Robin Williams and Bobcat Goldthwait popped in to Meltdown to get some comics, and ended up spending a half hour on the show. Williams was a geek, or a nerd, or whatever you want to call it — he still read comics, he played video games, and he clearly had a rich inner life. But you probably already knew that. They discuss Williams' geekdom on stage.

The show was raucous, manic, sarcastic, vulgar, and definitely NSFW. It's Robin Williams just being on, and it's a hell of a lot of fun. Bobcat also tries to tell about when he did stand-up at the Gathering of the Juggalos, but mostly he, Harmon and Jeff Davis just roll with Robin — improvised improv, as it were.

Harmon and Davis revisited that moment in the most recent episode of Harmontown, and also reminisce about Williams with Kumail Nanjiani, including Williams' turn as Popeye the Sailor (which segues into a discussion about the Muslim call to prayer). Both are worth a listen — the April, 2013 episode here, and the August, 2014 episode here. You'll find the Williams bits at the beginnings of both episodes, and get the bonus Dungeons & Dragons games on the full episodes of both podcasts. Or you could just listen to the relevant parts in the supercut of the two episodes below. (For the impatient who don't want to hear about Harmon dancing to the Game of Thrones theme, the introductions begin at 2:15.)

EDIT: I'm informed by my wife a reliable source that the context of the intro might be a bit confusing. Just to be clear, the Harmontown crowd didn't know Williams and Goldthwait were there, because it wasn't planned. At the beginning, Harmon is mock-criticizing the audience for not really appreciating what the Mayor and Comptroller of Harmontown do for them — the audience would applaud no matter what. Then just to prove the point, Harmon springs Bobcat Goldthwait on them, then Robin Williams, and then Kobe Bryant (who was the one person not there, Harmon was just rolling with the joke).


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