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Robot Wars 2016: Are You Compensating For Something?

So here we are after the final heat of Robot Wars 2016 and what an utter load of rubbish the episode largely was, with most of the fights ended due to mechanical problems than anything else.


Chompalot, a robot that initially made it to the final four ended up going out in its first head-to-head after a hit from the floor flipper sent it on its back with smoke pouring out of it. Despite it dying tragically from the floor flipper, team Chompalot saying they’ll be able to repair it just as it goes up in flames behind them, due to the lithium batteries exploding, and the audience laughing is probably the funniest moment of the entire series so far.

One of the other four to make it through was Ironside 3, a spinner much like Carbide from the first episode. Despite doing heavy damage in most of its bouts the final head-to-head ended in controversy. Despite pushing Pulsar into the pit it (and following it in) the robot was retroactively declared ‘immobile’ earlier in the fight, ending its hopes of getting to the final.


Pulsar was another completely flawed design. Despite going out in the initial fight it was given a second chance after Chompalot went literally up in smoke and went on to win the show despite having constant mechanical issues throughout. It got so bad that during the final it went immobile 3 times yet somehow still won.


Next we have Beast, a robot whose team constantly talked about how powerful the flipper was, and it ended up scoring nothing because it broke down and immobilised in every single head-to-head, giving the other robots easy points. A useless robot that did absolutely nothing and still took up airtime.

And finally we have the machine up top, Gabriel, and probably the robot I hate the most of this series, even more than Foxic back in episode two. Gabriel did nothing as its weapons couldn’t damage anything but despite this it managed to get to the final simply by not breaking down. Personally I think the robot should’ve been removed from the show entirely by the production team as it was clearly breaking the spirit of the show, with its bendable plastic design wheels and high ground clearance (It’s wheels were the size of a small child) meaning that it couldn’t be damaged, even by a weapon that rivalled Carbide’s spinning blade, and therefore constant hits by other machines barely knocked the rubber off the ends.


Overall this episode, despite the brief moment of hilarity with Chompalot’s death, was an utter failure. Most eliminations were by mechanical failure rather than damage and the finale was unimpressive and dull. It seems the competitors need to be placed through much better standard checks next season to get rid of the large number of mechanically flawed robots that end up making the show pot luck than any sense of skill or design.

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