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Robot Wars 2016: Blow Your House Down

On Robot Wars tonight not only did we see a bunch of robots slug it out but a contestant finally having the balls to deliberately take on the House Robots and beat them.

After the worries I expressed following last week’s episode with the fear that there weren’t enough memorable robots this week’s episode thankfully dismisses all those worries with the contestant Apollo.


This team are the rags to riches story of the series so far, with the three team members all being Pontins Bluecoats, a fate I wouldn’t wish upon anyone given how a Pontins ‘Holiday’ camp is a place that really does sum up how shit the UK is as a place to live. It’s no surprise we built an empire just to escape this dreary rock.

Yes people really do pay money to stay here

Despite numerous mechanical problems throughout the episode, including losing a wheel and broken flipper at points, the team during their two battles with Storm2 took time to attack the House Robots where in the head to head they flipped Dead Metal and Matilda while in the final they flipped Shunt, and finished the episode by flipping Storm2 out the arena itself.


On the flipside though we had the battle between Eruption, a flipper that flipped itself whenever it used the thing, and PP3D, a robot with a very low spinning wheel designed to cut off wheels, which was a snoozefest. Unlike two weeks ago where both robots deliberately chose not to fight each other this time this time both tried to take each other out only to cripple a wheel each after an especially violent collision that left the two on different sides of the arena able to do little more than spin on the spot.


Overall a very good episode that didn’t see the flaws from last week with memorable Robots and moments that will definitely fill out the Robot Wars ‘best of’ highlight reels from now on and teams whose members really did capture the amateur hobbyist spirit that has been lacking from some of the more ‘professional’ teams.


Next week we see the final round of heats and here’s hoping it’s not another mess of forgettable robots that don’t work.

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