Another week, another episode of Robot Wars, and my word did we see some weird robots this week. Straight of the bat was the students from Falkirk who built Overdoser, a robot built out of MDF. No prizes guessing how their campaign ended.

Apart from them there weren’t really any robots of not this week outside of the two flippers who made it to the final, veteran from the old show Dantomkia and newcomers TR2.

Dantomkia ended up coming second and, despite being able to back up his taunts with results previously, the leader of the team was clearly a sore loser, still trying to mock the other team and boast. Thankfully though this time he was called out on it, unlike Foxic last week.


They also saw oversaw the first successful flipping out of the arena so far in the new series.


TR2 won this week’s episode and had won all their head to heads as well, clearly demonstrating its prowess, while also overcoming problems during their qualifying round. Unlike their main opponents they also better carried the amateur spirit of the show and weren’t hyper-aggressive like some of their opponents.

Outside of the machines themselves the commentating stayed at an excellent level, with the post-match interviews going down well with good humour.


Overall while a good episode overall something to note is that so far there haven’t been any real attention-stealing newcomers apart from episode one’s Carbide and even then many of the newcomers has seen severe mechanical problems that have seen some really boring fights. At this rate even if they finish off the season well I cant help but think it could suffer if it doesn’t manage to build up a stable of reliable crowdpleasers from the new intake.