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Robot Wars 2017: A Steaming Pile of Scrap

These piles of scrap would’ve done better than many of the contestants this week

Well here we are again with series 2 of the reborn Robot Wars and you may have noticed this is two days late as unfortunately I didn’t realise that the new series was even airing and, to be honest, if the rest of the series was like that episode then I can see why the BBC didn’t promote it that much because in one word it was atrocious.

People watch Robot Wars for the action, for the tension, as we see two scrappy underdogs battle it out with their machines. As some of you may recall from last series I was frequently annoyed at the fact that, towards the end of the series, more and more of the robots barely functioned and really shouldn’t of been allowed on in the first place. You’d have hoped that was simply down to the fact it was the first series and would’ve been fixed by now. Instead the problem is worse.


In the first episode every single fight lasted barely 20-30 seconds, with robots never functioning in the head to heads except for one fight. In one case this saw a robot made of titanium parts forced to withdraw because it damaged itself while self-righting and didn’t have the spare parts to repair. This is genuinely woeful by the producers and the BBC as it means that what should be an action-packed episode was just watching a robot do fuck all and then get declared immobile.

This lack of quality control when it comes to the entries on the show is going to put many off as it just makes it boring to watch if the winner is so obvious to guess. Today there was only one robot that seemed to really do any damage which was the spinner Aftershock which tore apart anything it touched, including another spinner Sabretooth. The fight between those two was so severe that when both met in the final the latter went immobile pretty much immediately.

Aftershock was the only robot of note this week

I’m truly hoping this issue is resolved further in the series but looking at the coming weeks I’m honestly doubtful, with memorable expensive pieces of junk from last season such as Foxic and Pulsar also returning.

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