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Robot Wars 2017: Clash of the Titans

Back again for more robot on robot action and today we finally see crowd favourites Carbide and Apollo meet again. Outside of this the episode also saw a couple of more experimental designs, including another splitter robot that for once actually worked.

The group battles ended rather quickly this week, with no surprise given how each one contained one of the two heavyweights everyone fears, with yet more obviously shit robots getting knocked out immediately. Honestly with the end of the heats I think it’s fair to say this season’s pool of robot was fairly shit to be honest, with every episode containing robots that either never worked or couldn’t actually damage others when they did work.


The head to heads saw both heavyweights and a couple of unexpected surprises of their own. One of these was the splitter robot Crackers N Smash, a set of two small robots that both had to be knocked out for them to be eliminated. Despite the obvious downsides of having two smaller robots they clearly built them well, with even a head to head with Carbide only rendering superficial damage to the armour. If there was one downside it was the team who effectively opened the door of throwing a match, which they did with Carbide, to save themselves for a better one. I can’t help but think this could come back to haunt the show if others do the same in the future.

Next up we had Coyote, a double-sided robot that was essentially a competition version of the older version of Matilda from the early 2000s. Sadly they weren’t able to do much due to Carbide, who destroyed them repeatedly and by the end left only half a robot standing. Despite this however during the head to heads they did take a battering before falling apart which is an achievement when you look at who they were up against.


Third we have the defending champions, Apollo, the most powerful flipper in the competition and tonight the wheels came off the bus for them. Despite starting out well the first head to head against Carbide left lasting marks, with their prized flipper becoming bent in the process. Despite this they soldiered on, managing to flip Coyote out the arena despite the maiming. It was a comeback in the making with Crackers N Smash also falling victim to the entertainers but then they came to finale.


Throughout the entire episode Carbide were unsurprisingly on form and the top dog. Right from the get go they took robot out left, right, and centre leaving only scrap in their wake. This saw them once more destroying part of the arena itself when they sent Crackers flying in the head to head. In the finale they didn’t hold back against Apollo and won, though there was a bitter taste somewhat as they owned up to having used dirty tactics in the head to head, where they deliberately kept attacking Apollo after it was immobilised to weaken it later down the line.


In the end we have the final and expected element for the grand finale going through to face the others and it does seem to be a very identical roster, with all but one being a spinner robot. Clearly its easy to see what design is already dominating the show which is interesting in how they show compensates for it unless it becomes tedious.

One thing to mention is that the arena is still in a shambolic state, falling apart constantly. Also is it just me or are some of the returning teams smaller than before?


All to see now is whether anyone survived the filming of the finale.

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