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Robot Wars 2017: Now We're Getting Somewhere

Welcome back to Robot Wars and tonight’s episode was actually pretty damn good.

The episode started off the same as always, with a bunch of robots where you could already see which ones were godawful. Thankfully these all went out in the group battles, including one team who never even moved or attacked anyone (with young kids again, what a surprise). This quickly put us on to the head to heads and this week, with 3 powerful spinners making it through, it was a festival of tearing robots apart.


One of the robots that made it through was Pulsar. This may be familiar as it featured in two episodes last season, where I ranted at it for being mechanically unreliable. Well after a year to improve it the team have thankfully not improved it whatsoever. Instead it once again somehow made it to the final (including one judging decision that was a mess) but was knocked out fairly quickly due to robot errors (it’d been burning out motor after motor throughout the episode) and a much stronger opponent.

Along with them another robot was Supernova (who the announcer voiceover for sounds terrible) which was probably the most powerful spinner on display today. The sound it made was frightening and the damage it put out even more so, tearing a robots apart time after time. Despite this however the spinning mechanism was fragile, as they eventually found out when it tore apart and, combined with wheel damage, was knocked out.


Third we had the return of the boys from Falkirk with Wrym, who last year entered with the wooden robot. Despite initially getting knocked out at the group stage another robot falling apart saw them brought back in before immediately getting shredded by the bot that forced the other to pull out. Eventually they were also unable to continue and decided to throw the remains of Wyrm into the skip.


Finally we have Ironside 3. This was also from last year and also went up against Pulsar the year before, where Pulsar got a questionable decision by the judges. Today, in their head to head with Pulsar the judges made another questionable decision where they initially gave an obviously immobile (it could only spin in circles) Pulsar the win before the fact that the judges had declared it immobile but then cancelled it not being relayed to Ironside 3 meant both sides got two points. Thankfully when the two met again in the final Ironside 3 laid waste to the damaged Pulsar and got the win it thoroughly deserved.


That head to head and then final however showed that the setup is still plagued by issues, with the pit and flipper once again not functioning correctly and the computer link being down during the fight. Overall however the battles themselves were a step in the right direction.

Next week should be a highlight however as Apollo and Carbide return.

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