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Robot Wars 2017 Part Deux: Crushed Egos

Terrorhurtz managed to easily cut down the opposition

Welcome back to Robot Wars and this week a well known egotist on the show once again went out a failure.

For the last two series Foxic has somehow managed to enter the contest despite only being known for breaking down while also having a complete bellend of a team captain but this series it was conspicuously absent. Turns out it was because the team entered a new robot Apex, a spinner, but on both problems it’s still the same. The team leader was still a dick, losing his temper quite a bit, and the new robot was unreliable as hell. In its first battle it did nothing and in the second it gently tapped the other robot before its spinner made it go airborne before then coming off and shattering one of the bulletproof arena walls.


While they went out in a mess it was a couple of underdog new team who stole a lot of attention simply due to their personalities, one of them a team of schoolkids (whose teacher is part of last heat’s Aftershock) and the other complete rank amateurs. The former’s robot Track-tion wasn’t anything special, more a slow moving armoured shell, but its reliability saw it through to the 10 way melee while the other amateurs Vulture eventually threw in the towel due to mechanical problems they couldn’t fix and their other opponent was the previously mentioned Apex. There was also a robot called Bucky which had a mascot... and didn’t do much else.

Rapid managed to, despite its name, outlast its enemies

The two dominant forces of the heat however was longtime roboteer Terrorhurtz and relative newcomer Rapid. Terror with its unwieldy axe was easily able to damage other robots but couldn’t stay active for long, seeing it come a worthy second. Rapid on the otherhand were able to keep going for longer and managed to maintain its flipper for long enough to see off all competition and win the heat. Quite good for a robot whose creator admitted was more to recruit engineers to his company.


Also surprisingly the arena managed not to fall apart for no reason for once.

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