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Robot Wars 2017 Part Deux: Go Nuts

Still shocked this mad thing won

Welcome back to Robot Wars where today a combination of luck, mechanical failure, and sheer genius the joke robot of the revival managed to somehow win the heat.

The heat started off surprisingly well for the underdog when its initial fight with Concussion and Androne 4000 saw its new flail cripple the drum spinner’s wheel and then luck out when Androne’s pincer knocked out both itself and Concussion. The belief, with reason, was that after this round of luck it’d likely be lucky to make it to the 10 way battle but instead Nuts 2 continued from strength to strength. In its semi-final its first hit severed Androne’s hydraulics, leaving it a broken mess, and then in its final it flipped Concussion who then lay useless upside as its bodged together “anti-Nuts” armour blocked its wheels. It’s one of the few crowdpleasing underdog stories to come true in a show where far better prospects have failed.

Finally a non flipper/spinner worth its salt

The other initial fight was made up of vertical spinner Tauron , which had a decent chance of winning, and the no chance in hell pair of spinners The Kegs and non-functional flipper Iron-Awe 6. The Kegs and Tauron however sadly went home early, with the former just getting torn apart by Concussion while Tauron had an incredibly hard to call fight with Androne 4000 which was probably one of the most even chance fights since revival.

Due to the semi-finals it was Androne 4000 and Iron-Awe 6 that ended up going head to head for that spot in the 10 way brawl and somehow Iron-Awe 6 won despite its entire functionality never having worked once, more becoming a wedge that knocked others into submission. It was however a bit of a letdown given that Androne had really deserved it, being the first Pincer type to actually be worth a damn since Razor.

Better luck next year Tauron

Overall however the heat still stands out for that shock win by Nuts 2 which it really deserved given its attitude over the last 3 series.

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