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Roll call! Who exists in the MCU for a Civil War movie?

To date, here's the (I think) full list of characters either already appearing or confirmed to be appearing in the 'approved" MCU. This doesn't count Fox or Sony owned properties, or even Universal or Lionsgate! (though scroll down for a fairly full list of them as well!)

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(note: my list adds to what is already in the image above)

* Thor

* Iron Man

* Captain America

* Bucky/Winter Soldier

* Black Widow

* Hawkeye

* Falcon

* The Hulk/Bruce Banner

* Pepper Potts/Rescue?

* War Machine

* Ant-Man

* Wasp

* Quicksilver

* Scarlett Witch

* Vision

* Dr. Strange

* Luke Cage

* Jessica Jones

* Iron Fist

* Daredevil

* Punisher (hinted at in Winter Soldier...)

* Ghost Rider

* Elektra

* Blade


Let's include SHIELD just to add to the numbers:

* Nick Fury

* Maria Hill

* Agent Coulson

* Agent May

* Agent Skye

* Agent Fitz

* Agent Simmons

* Agent Triplett

* Mockingbird/Agent Bobbi Morse

* Agent Koenig (x2... Sam and Billy)

(and all the new guys too numerous to mention)

* Ah, what the hell, let's throw Grant Ward in there too...


And the Guardians of the Galaxy gang:

* Peter Quill/Star Lord

* Gamorra

* Drax

* Groot

* Rocket Raccoon

* Howard the Duck

* Cosmo



* Asgaardians: Odin, Freya/Frigga, Balder, Hogun, Sif, Heimdall, Fandrall, Volstagg, Tyr, Eir, Elliot Randolph


* various Nova Corp people, including Rhomann Dey, Irani Rael, , and we could also include Yondu, though his allegiance is murky...


NOT BAD... but is it enough to get us to Civil War-levels of heroes?

So... let's say, in a perfect world, you can bring in all the characters owned by other motion picture companies.... if we do THAT, it'll give us:

+ Wolverine

+ Professor X

+ Cyclops

+ Jean Grey

+ Iceman

+ Rogue

+ Storm

+ Kitty Pryde

+ Colossus

+ Beast

+ Bishop

+ Blink

+ Sunspot

+ Warpath

+ Havok

+ Jubilee

+ Angel

+ Siryn

+ Leech

+ Psylocke

+ Nightcrawler

+ other Qucksilver

+ Banshee

+ Yukio

+ Mariko

+ Deadpool

+ Gambit

+ Bolt

+ John Wraith

+ All of the Brotherhood mutants and other 'baddies', who have been known to change sides: Mystique, Magneto, Toad, Blob, Juggernaught, Emma Frost, Shaw (if he lived), Pyro, Sabertooth, Callisto, Multiple Man, Flea, Spike, Lady Deathstrike, Dr Doom, Silver Samurai, Green Goblin/Hobgoblin


+ Reed Richards

+ Sue Storm

+ Johnny Storm

+ Ben Grimm

+ Silver Surfer

+ Spider-man

+ Venom (one of the 'good' versions: Agent Venom, Anti-Venom, etc)

+ The Lizard (when he got control of it all...)


- Oh, and technically Man-Thing is out there, thanks to Lionsgate


Plus there's all the undeveloped MCU properties, which you can see at this link: this includes Power Pack, Black Panther, Ka-Zar, Ms. Marvel, Morbius, Longshot, Gargoyle, Runaways, and so on...


And, of course, some version of Stan Lee (The Beyonder? The Watcher? Who knows??? EXCELSIOR!)



So there you have it: could a MARVEL CIVIL WAR movie work? Who knows, but it looks like plans are moving forward for it to happen.


(NOTE: I'm sure I missed a few heroes/characters... feel free to add them int he comments...)


We should include AoS's Dethlok, yes? Were there any other super-powered peeps on AoS I am forgetting who are good guys? I included the Asgaardians who have popped up (Sif, Elliot Randolph)

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