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Protests against huge gold mining operation are continuing in Romania and abroad. Today thousands of people formed a human chain around the second largest building in the world (after the Pentagon), the home of the romanian Parliament. #unitisalvam #rosiamontanta

As I've mentioned last week, the biggest protest since the 1989 revolution are taking place in Romania. The government is still all for the gold mining operation, and a Parliamentary commission who's confused about its purpose has been formed. Also, don't ask the Prime Minister what he thinks: as a prime minister he's all for the project, as a member of the parliament he said he'll be voting against, and as a private citizen he has strong suspicions about politicians being bribed. Yes, he actually said that. In front of the press. In the space of about a week.

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So, tomorrow, for the fourth week going there will be a huge march in Bucharest and in various cities and villages in Romania, as well as in a number of international locations. So if you have a few minutes to spare on sunday and fancy a walk, and you are so inclined, please drop by the locally organised protests. We could use all the international support we could get. The more the merrier. The full list of locations and times here. Facebook event is here. New York, Toronto, London, Berlin and about 30 other cities have planned protests. Even if I haven't explained what this whole thing is about, you'll find a group of smart, informed Romanians to explain it all to you again right there.

I apologise fr the many crappy Google translate links, but so much of what is happening is not being reported on by the international press, so I felt they were necessary, and I do not have enough time to properly translate everything.


#unitisalvam #rosiamontana #unitedwesave #rosiamontana