Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Saw this in Pat Rothfuss' Facebook feed.

From him:

When I was in Milwaukee, doing my reading and signing, someone told me that their creative writing teacher required them to go to a reading as part of their class, but that my reading didn't count, because I wrote fantasy.

I had her record a video where I voice my opinion on the matter.

Here's the video. It isn't entirely safe for work, as I remember saying the word "Bullshit" about seven or eight times.

I love my Judgey McJudgerpants (TM) as much as anyone else, and I'm definitely guilty of holding unfair biases against LitFic (namely, I have zero interest in spending my reading time with angsty, navel-gazing unlikable people who do boring things and then angst about them. That's what I like to call, "Tuesday afternoon".).


What gets me caught up in genre is a love of seeing how personalities respond when they're faced with larger-than-life adventures. . . it inflates and conflates and (ahem) conflagrates their psychological quirks in a way that's delicious and fun.

Anyway, I know we addressed 50 Shades of Grimdark (snerk) around here a while back, and thought this was a nifty little tack on to that debate.

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