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Royal Card Play on This Week’s Face Off

This week's episode of Face Off has the first individual challenge of the season as the contestants must design a fanciful version of a royal from a deck of cards. Who plays the high card and who runs out of chips? Spoilers ahead.


The coaches and Michael Westmore stop by for some needed advice. The tricky part of the challenge is to make something whimsical (a word used heavily throughout the episode) and not horror tinged (which a few contestants initially veer towards). Tim Burton and his version of Alice in Wonderland are name-checked for reference. That's understandable given that this week's guest judge worked on that film.

All three top looks were from Team Laura. Darla's Jack of Hearts (top image) and Julian's Jack of Clubs (above) were both strong contenders.


Meanwhile Emily had perhaps the most difficult task - making a new version of the iconic Queen of Hearts. At 18, she's the youngest ever Face Off contestant but she does such a good job that she wins the challenge.


Daniel's lackluster Queen of Diamonds (left) lands him at the bottom this week and he is sent home. I was surprised it wasn't Anthony for his King of Hearts (right), which Ve described as "not even a good clown make-up."

You can see galleries of this week's designs, past works of the champions and previous seasons here.

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