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Rucka and Lark's Lazarus Optioned for TV

Lazarus is an Image comic written by Greg Rucka and drawn by Michael Lark. It's set at least fifty to sixty years in the future, when the world economies have collapsed and corporations have instead taken over territory, instituting a new feudalism. There's the Families, the Serfs who follow them...and everyone else is Waste.

The main character is Forever Carlyle, the Lazarus for the Family Carlyle who control the US west of the Mississippi. A Lazarus is generally used by each Family as shield, sword and bannerman — one person chosen to be genetically modified, gifted with enhanced healing and other attributes. Some Lazarus are partly machines. Forever was genetically modified as a child...or so her father, Malcolm Carlyle, told her.


The entire story begins when thieves break into a Carlyle compound and shoot Forever...and she gets up and kills them. At the same time, a rival family, Morray, breaks into one of Carlyle's seed banks. But nothing is what it seems — the Carlyle family may have a traitor in it's midst and Forever is starting to doubt her orders altogether.

According to this article, Legendary Television optioned Lazarus and Greg Rucka is currently writing the pilot. Man, I hope it's really, really good. I love this series so much — each issue is awesome. The worldbuilding that Rucka does is amazing — each issue comes with pages of backmatter about the various corporations that control the world, along with a timeline and even fake advertisements. And Michael Lark is doing some of his best work — the last issue had a long (and awesome!) sword fight sequence, something I thought couldn't be done so well in a comic, but he pulled it off.

Man, let this be good...

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