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Rule 63 considerations

I'm in the middle of genderbending a character right now, quite the manly man, and I wonder what considerations appeal to you in a good rule 63 translation? And what beefs do you have?

I'll start with my beef—sexy clothes. Sure, we may very well find these characters sexy, and find them sexy in their clothes. But if you take a guy swimming in ill-fitting clothes and your drawing shows his chick version chooses high heels and tight skits and low cut tank tops—what's the rationale there? Women can be sexy in their clothes too, eh?

But enough whining! Here is genderbend art/cosplay I do like, and even if it has a beef of mine, something else in it is strong enough for net WIN.


The Star Spangled Woman With A Plan by KaoriNeco.

I'm pretty sure this artist has been on IO9 before—Avengerbend by kreugan. Count the boob cups!


Black Widow genderbend from a Pixiv page in Japanese.



Sadnyax flips the switch on the Sherlock supporting cast (clothed sex also at link).


Power Boy by George Perez. I like the peeking hair...

And this to wrap up, because it's the best thing ever:


Man...I'm still stuck picking a hairstyle, though...

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