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A series of (SUPPOSEDLY) leaked screenshots for From Software's next project, following up the recently released Dark Souls 2, have been posted to Neogaf. (Note: That Neogaf thread then credits /v/, so, seriously, this is a RUMOR.) We already know Souls creator Miyazaki is working on some sort of project (which is why he lacked involvement in Dark Souls 2), and another Souls game for next gen systems has been hinted.

Part of this rumor is also that this would be a joint project with Sony (and thus PS4 exclusive), which on the one hand I really hope isn't true because I love my PC Dark Souls games to death, but on the other hand sounds really plausible. Sony still owns the Demon's Souls IP (even though Dark Souls is a follow up to that game in everything but name, and even shares some characters), and with the next-gen console war expected to heat up at E3 this year (and with Microsoft, from the sound of things, not being in the lead this time around) it would be a really smart move for Sony to pick up one of the most popular new franchises of the past few years and make it PS4 exclusive.


The question then, is whether it makes sense for From Software to agree to do so, and whether this (theoretical) game is Dark Souls 3, or Demon's Souls 2, or something else entirely.

All I know is: That sure does look like a next-gen Poison Dog (recurring enemies from the Dark Souls games).


And that sure does look like a next-gen (am I supposed to start saying "current-gen" now? That sounds wrong.) fog gate.

Huge grain of salt, but interesting, at least. I guess we'll know more at E3.

Edit 1: Fixed broken, link, added screenshot to post.

Edit 2: Added more info.

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