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Runaways Triple Episode Series Premiere Reaction Thread

Hey this is also a thing. So Hulu apparently works differently from Netflix with it’s original content in that it releases on a weekly basis (Barring the premiere being three episodes) and so unless I decide to start using Hulu again this will be my only Runaways thread and it’ll be up for grabs after this. And so, Welcome to the Runaways series premiere “Reunion” “Rewind” “Destiny” spoilerific reaction thread where you can share your thoughts on the show before during or after the shows are over.

Here’s the AV Clubs preshow debut review of the show:


Sure, this is possibly a one time thread but let’s do a gimmick anyway:

Question of the Week:

Have you read the runaways comics before?

These spoilers are on the run, you’d best move fast if you want to catch them!!!

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