Hi good people of the Observation Deck. This is one of your captains speaking. I think it's time we had a bit of a talk about etiquette and posting around here, because for some reason people aren't really trying to be nice around here these days. Basically I'm putting a foot down today.

If you post something that ends up being controversial, whether it's because you're coming off as confrontational or because the content itself is questionable, DO NOT DELETE THAT POST. EVER. EVER EVER EVER. You make your bed, and you lay in it. NEVER delete the post and pretend it never happened, or even worse, make an apology post explaining why you deleted the original post which creates an endless cycle of regrets, anger, cynicism, controversy, and empty bourbon bottles in my bar:


If you absolutely feel the need to apologize, either update the post or link to the apology in the original, BUT DO NOT EVER DELETE. I've explained before that it's extremely poor form, plus it makes people think we mods are deleting things, which never happens unless someone sues us or something and shit I think I just jinxed us.

Also, if it's not relevant to the O-Deck, don't link to it or post it. This can be a shared post from, say, Gawker talking about shoplifters or something. Firstly, we can't engage with you directly if you share it, especially if you put a preface saying "THIS ARTICLE IS STUPID AND THE AUTHOR IS DUMB." That's also called shit stirring, and good gods you do not want to shit stir here. We have plenty of overlap as it is, even more so than before, and we will not tolerate drama for the sake of drama.

We're not trying to be the Thought Police here. We're not trying to tell you what to think. What I am going to be, though, is the Thought RA. If you're obnoxious, loud, clueless, littering the hallways with garbage and questionable fluids, you're outta the dorm. Crash at your friend's couch instead.