Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Ruby’s concept art for Volume 4.
Ruby’s concept art for Volume 4.

It’s time again for a new season of RWBY and as such it’s time again for me to write my reviews for this show again for the next 12 weeks + however many breaks/World of Remnant videos they do this season while it’s back on. As always, there will be spoilers so be careful reading past this point. Alright then, here we go:


We start off with some new Grimm being created in Salem’s crystal land while Emerald and Mercury look on horrified. It turns out they’re in a meeting room with Cinder, Salem, and their associates Dr. Watts, Tyrian, and Hazel. Cinder as it turns out survived Ruby’s attack at the end of the last season but lost her left eye and voice and is heavily scarred from the encounter. Watts chastes her for being beaten by Ruby but Salem rebukes him by reminding him that other than that her mission to Vale was a success. She then moves on to their next set of objectives, with Cinder staying with Salem to recover Watt’s will go meet their contact in Mistral, Tyrian will continue to hunt for the Spring Maiden, and Hazel will go meet with the White Fang to determine their leader Sienna’s loyalties. Cinder then asks (via Emerlad) what they’re going to do about Ruby to which Salem notes that she should probably be dealt with and reassigns Tyrian to capture Ruby and bring her to Salem.


We then cut to some kid on a farm, he goes about his day doing his chores when he suddenly hears a noise coming from the nearby forest. In said forest Jaune, Ren, and Nora discussing whether to call their new team JNRR (pronounced Junior) or RNJR (pronounced Ranger) when Ruby suddenly comes crashing down into the forest with a stone golem Grimm on her tail. The fights the Grimm was has trouble making headway against it until Jaune comes up with a plan to get to it’s weakpoint to kill it. They’re successful and report back as such the village leader that hired them to kill this specific Grimm. He thanks for their help and wishes that he could have paid them more for their work but Jaune notes that their previous arrangement is just fine. Said arrangement as it turns out is for the village blacksmith to make a new set of armor and upgrade his sword and shield to function somewhat similar to how Pyrrha’s did. Having received the new gear, the team departs the village to continue their trek to Mistral.

We then cut to Weiss in Atlas as her butler Khylen arrives to tell that her father wishes to speak to her as the episode ends.


Overall, a good start to the season as we our introductions to the new villains done right away and we jumped right into Team RNJR’s story as they continue to make their way to Mistral. The animation for this volume looks like it’s a vast improvement over the previous one and the environments look way more detailed than they were before. I do wonder how slow a burn this seasons story is going to play out though as with the team split up this season we’re going to have to do a bit of table setting and jumping around between the four. Anyway that’s a potential problem for later, for now, this was a great show.



  • World of Remnant: There were four of these (Now narrated by Qrow) prior to the release of the season premiere covering the four kingdoms that made up Remnant. The abridged version is: Vale, a largely coastal nation currently in peril. Mistral, a very large nation with a big criminal element. Atlas, harsh ice nation that made itself a technological superpower to survive. Vacuo, harsh desert nation that recently escaped occupation.
  • I didn’t dislike it, but I’m not as a big a fan of the new opening theme song this season as I was the last one. (The opening credits are cool though)
  • Apparently Jaune has had a cute bunny on his hoodie the entire time. He won it from a cereal contest.
  • Personally I prefer RNJR to JNRR.
  • The reason this was posted on Monday is because I didn’t decide until late last night to make an account with Roosterteeth’s website (Which I found out got deleted today so that’s fun). All future reviews should go up on Sunday’s at whatever time I finish them.

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