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RWBY Volume 4: Chapter 10: "Kuroyuri"

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Nope I was wrong, they managed to sneak one more World of Remnant segment in there. Hopefully now, that’s there’s two episodes left after this one that it’ll be a straight shot until the end. Anyway onto the recap, Spoilers lie beyond this point:



We start off with Oscar packing up and leaving his Aunt’s farm, as he’s walking along the road he confides in Ozpin that while everything Ozpin told him sounds crazy and doing what he’s doing is crazy he feels like he’s doing a good thing. He arrives at a train station and tries to buy a ticket but has insufficient funds to make a purchase. Just then Ozpin tells him to be on his guard as Hazel suddenly appears. Hazel punches the ticket machine, causing it to spit out a ticket. Hazel tells Oscar to never let something so small get in his way and he walks off. Oscar feels like he knows the man and asks Ozpin who he is. Ozpin tells him that Hazel is someone from his past and tells him that he’s very dangerous.


Meanwhile on the road Ruby, Jaune, and Qrow arrive in the ruins of Kuroyuri, they try to spot a pharmacy but can’t and Ruby asks Jaune if he has any idea why Ren didn’t want to come here. Jaune tells her that he has a pretty good idea.

We then cut to a flashback of young Ren in the still intact village of Kuroyuri. He’s playing with a water lily as his mother playfully comments about it. She gives him some money to go purchase a gift for his father who’s returning from a hunting trip (Actual hunting, not Huntsman hunting). Ren trys to buy things from various stalls but fails, he then comes across a trio of boys bullying a homeless girl. They spot him and he goes to run but immediately runs into his father. His father asks what’s going on and the girl and the bullies all flee. His father then tells him that the worst thing someone can do is nothing and sends him home.


Back in the present Ruby and Jaune fail to find any medicine. They hear a Grimm off in the distance and Jaune goes into a fighting stance before Ruby points out that it’s far off. Jaune says that he knows and says that’s he worried for Ren and Nora. Ruby then apologizes to him for getting them involved in her mission. Jaune tells her she has nothing to be sorry for because they had lost Pyrrha and so had she, along with Penny, her Team, and even her sister and dispite all that loss she was still persevering on.

Back in the past, Ren is awoken from his sleep by the sounds of screaming and his mother bursting in and telling him that they need to go. As they head for the door Ren’s father (Lee is his name) comes in and tells them that they need to run. Ren’s mom (Her names An) says that they can go to the safe house but Lee says that he saw the beast and they need a huntsman. A big explosion goes off then and Ren gets scared. An goes to comfort him when the roof suddenly caves in.


Ren awakens from unconsciousness in his fathers arms as he runs through town. Ren asks where his mother is but Lee doesn’t respond. Lee, who at this point is badly injured falls down on the ground. He tells Ren to run and gives him his knife but Ren doesn’t want to. At this point the Grimm (We don’t get a good look at it but it appears to be a humanoid Grimm on a horse Grimm) appears and Lee begins to fight it, telling Ren again to run. Ren complies and runs and hides in town’s stream. As he’s hiding he spots the homeless girl from before hiding under a building with a Nevermore standing on it’s roof. Ren, who’s broken down crying at this point suddenly has his Semblance activate (It appears to be a Calming Aura or something). He runs over to the girl and tells her that they have to be brave. The girl hugs him which causes Rens Calming Aura to spread to her as well and causes the Nevermore and the Rider Grimm to lose interest and leave. The girl tells Ren that she’s scared and Ren tells her that he feels the same. He spots a wooden hammer lying on the street and retrieves it and gives it to girl saying that they’ll keep each other safe. Ren then asks the girl her name and she says that it’s Nora. Ren introduces himself to end the flashback.

Back in the present Ren and Nora are making their way along the mountain road. They discover a cave with wind blowing out of it and go to investigate when a piece of a flag which ren recognizes as belonging to Shion, the village from earlier in the season that was destroyed. He rushes in and discovers that the cave is covered in blood and filled with broken weapons, including one of his fathers arrows. They see a footprint leading out of another entrance to the cave and go to investigate. They see movement in the forest below and realize that the Grimm is heading for the ruins of Kuroyuri.



  • World of Remnant: This one was about the great war between Atlas & Mistral vs Vacuo & Vale. Basically Mistral & Atlas joint plan to destroy the arts plus their encroachment on Vale territory caused a war to break out that eventually ended in Vale & Vacuo’s victory. The four kingdoms then came up with a proposal that created the peace that world is enjoying today.
  • If it seems like I don’t like World of Remnant it’s because I don’t. Not so much the content itself, I like Lore. It’s the fact that they interrupt the storylines flow just so we can learn some things that are largely irrelevant to the shows ongoing storyline.
  • So I guess Team RNJR is lacking in funds because otherwise if there’s a train why didn’t they just take that instead of walking?

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