Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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I’m starting to think that Team RWBY won’t be uniting again by the end of the season. There’s too little time and not enough ways to set that up without it feeling rushed. Of course I could be wrong and they can do it just fine but I guess we’ll see. Anyway onto the recap Spoilers lie beyond this point:


We start off with Cinder training with her Fall Maiden powers and struggling with them. After nearly being mauled by a Grimm Bear she gets berated by Salem for holding back with her power. Just then Tyrian bursts in weeping. Salem asks if he succeeded his task to which he tearfully reveals he didn’t but did succeed in poisoning Qrow. He asks if she forgives him to which she replies that she doesn’t and walks off. This sends Tyrian into a tearful rage and he mauls a Grimm bear while laughing and crying as a horrified Cinder looks on.


Meanwhile at Yangs house she’s spray painted her cyborg arm to match her remaining Ember Celica. (I guess they couldn’ recover the one on her severed arm) She then goes to the garage to retrieve her motorcycle. At this point Taiyang shows up and she asks him if he’s going to stop her and he says no but asks her where she intends to go. Taiyang reveals that knows that Qrow told her where Raven is located and that she read Ruby’s letter about going to Mistral. He asks her again where she’s going as Yang gives him a decisive stare.

Meanwhile at the Schnee Mansion Weiss sneaks out of her room with some luggage and meets up with Klein. He leads her through the mansion until he gets a call from Whitley and has to depart. He tells her to head to the library and she heads off. As she’s walking along she passes by Jacques study and hears him arguing with Ironwood inside. He reveals that Winter has been gathering information about an attack in Mistral and that he intends to close Atlas’s borders as a result. He goes to leave the office when Weiss magically seals the door and quickly flees. She gets to the library where Klein reveals a secret passage. They hear Jacques breaking out of his study and calling for Klein and so Weiss and Klein say their goodbyes as Weiss enters the passage.


Back in Menagerie Sun wakes up in Blakes house to see her upset on the chair next to him. She tells him this is why she abandoned the rest of her team because she loves them so much and can’t stand to see them get hurt because of her and that she’s better off dealing with this on her own. Sun however calls her out on this saying that while it sucked getting stabbed by Illia he’d do it again in a heartbeat and that Yang would probably do it as well. He says that she can make her own choices but she can’t do it for her friends and that she needs to stop pushing her friends out because it hurts more than anything the bad guys can do to them. At this point the door falls down revealing that Ghira and Kali were listening the entire time. They then reveal that they have news, it turns out that Adam is planning a coup on the current White Fang leader as well as planning a siege on Mistral Academy. Sun says that they’ll just have to take out the White Fang then to which Blake says no, they need to take the White Fang back.

Back in Kuroyuri Ren and Nora rush into the village and discover that Ruby and Jaune are alright. Ruby and Jaune are confused as to what they’re doing here and ask what’s making the growling noise. Ren freaks out when he sees that it is indeed the Grimm monster that destroyed Kuroyuri all those years ago.



  • Of the many things Roosterteeth’s website does that annoy me, their video player when I go to watch these episodes will attempt to shuffle me into the next video on the playlist while the intro ad plays, it’s goddamned annoying.
  • It’s a shame that we never got to meet Weiss’s mother, if nothing else than to see what kind of a person she was.

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