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RWBY Volume 4, Chapter 12: "No Safe Haven"

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Well we’re here, at the end of another season RWBY. I don’t know when it’s be back again since the start dates always shifted around but I’ll see you then. Please share your thought on the season down in the comments, I’m interested to hear them. Anyway time for the recap Spoilers lay beyond this point:


We start off with Team RNJR already battling the Rider Grimm. The Grimm spots the injured Qrow which Jaune sees and he rushes to get him. Ren activates his Semblance, shielding Jaune and Qrow from the Grimm’s notice and he tells Jaune to get Qrow to safety, which he does. As he’s hiding Qrow, Qrow tries to stop him but thinks better of it and lets him go. Rejoining the battle Jaune tells the others to circle the creature to keep from being able to focus on them. Jaune tries to slice the horses legs but it doesn’t really do any damage so Jaune sheaves his sword into his scabbard which turns into a heavy sword itself.


The Grimm, having caught onto their circling strategy whips it’s arms in a circle, knocking the team down before letting out an ear splitting scream and growing it’s spines out more. The creature then pins Ren to a wall and goes in for the kill but Nora stops it. The creature then throws Nora around, taking out her aura in the process. This makes Ren go berserk on the creature dispite Jaunes protests until Ren himself gets knocked away with his aura dispelled. The Grimm then charges Ren & Nora but Nora tackles Ren under a building and Jaune manages to block the Grimms charge. As Ren attempts to attack the Grimm again Nora stops him and slaps him when he tries to pull away from her. She tells him that she won’t let him kill himself, not after everything they’ve been through. This gives Ren pause and he pulls out his fathers knife. Nora then tells him that they can do this and they go out and rejoin Jaune and Ruby.

The Team comes up with a plan to deal with the Grimm, with Ruby and Jaune pinning the arms, Nora taking out the horse, and Ren killing the body. They succeed in pulling off their plan and Ren slices up the Grimm while shouting out all the names of those that the Grimm killed before finally beheading the creature and ending it once and for all. The team is relieved and Ruby rushes off to check on Qrow. She find him alive and awake and he congratulates her on beating the Grimm. Just then a pair of airships belonging to the Mistral Military appear and rescue the team and Qrow. They manage to make it to the city of Mistral and save Qrow in time.


Later on Ruby checks on Qrow in their room before she begins to write a letter to Yang. She tells Yang that she’s sorry for leaving the way that she did but that despite the hardships she made it to Mistral. She says that Yang was right that bad things happen all the time but that why she went to Mistral to try and help do all she can to help the world. She says that Yang shouldn’t give up because if she does she’s giving up a chance to become a better person. As she’s writing we see what the others are up to. Weiss pays an airship pilot to fly her to Mistral. Blake and Sun look at the White Fangs violence promising banner before taking out it’s old peaceful one. Yang takes a boat ride to Mistral and then rides on her motorcycle to the city. Taiyang looks at pictures of his old team as well as Team RWBY. Oscar takes the train to Mistral. Jaune sits in a room looking at his sword and shield before being joined by Ren and Nora. Illia meets up with Fennac & Corsac. Emerald creating a phantasm of Ruby so that Cinder can destroy it while Salem looks on.

Cutting back to Ruby she says that she misses Yang as well as Blake and Weiss. She then reveals that she’s going to be meeting with Professor Lionheart, the head of Haven Academy. As Ruby concludes the letter by saying that things seem to finally be going their way we cut to Professor Lionhearts office where it’s revealed that he’s meeting with Dr. Watts and had been working with Salem the entire time.


Postcredits Oscar approaches a recovered Qrow in a bar and asks for Ozpins cane back. Qrow, unfazed by this does as he asks and tosses it to Oscar, saying that it’s good to see Ozpin again.


  • We didn’t get to see much of it but I like Yangs new combat gear.
  • Other than the credits song and the piano reprise of Boop, there weren’t really any song that grabbed me this season. That’s disappointing.
  • It appears that I was half right about Dr. Watts being the Headmaster. He wasn’t, but he was meeting with him.
  • Well that’s all for now kiddo’s, see you when I see you.

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