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Working all day means that I didn’t get to write this until nearly midnight. Welcome back to RWBY as we begin Blake’s journey across the waves on a big boat (Also starring monsters). Shall we begin then?


The episode starts off with Blake on a boat. She’s approached by the ships captain who attempts to make small talk with her but she remains cagey. Picking up on this the captain decides to leave her alone but offers to lend her an ear if she needs it. Blake then removes her cat ear concealing bow and throws it overboard before heading inside while a robed individual looks on. As this is happening a fin appears in the water next to the boat.


Meanwhile Yang is at home watching various news channels about the situation with Beacon and the White Fang when her dad Taiyang comes home. He presents her with a cybernetic arm that Ironwood had specially made for her. Yang however is reluctant to try it on and says she’ll do it later. She then goes about her day of sweeping up and getting the mail. When she goes to get a glass of water however she drops it and the glass shattering triggers a flashback to beacon which a worried Taiyang witnesses.

Meanwhile on the ship Blake notices the robed figure watching her. She goes to confront them but as she does so the finned creature makes it’s move, revealing it to be Leviathan Grimm. Blake engages the creature while the ships crew prepares for battle. Blake fights it some more as the ships crew begins firing cannons at the Leviathan. At one point she gets knocked to the ground and is unable to reengage right away because her shoulders hurt. The captain has the crew prepare the heavy cannon while the Leviathan sprouts wings and take to the air. The ships crew begins firing on the Leviathan with the heavy cannon but misses and the Leviathan prepares to retaliate with an energy attack. At this point however the robed individual attacks creature and reveals themselves to be Sun who manages to force the creature’s attack away from the ship. He gets thrown into the sky by the creature and Blake manages to catch him before he hits the ground. Blake is not happy to see him but he points out that she could use some help with the Leviathan which Blake reluctantly acknowledges.

The ships capatain formulates a plan with Blake and Sun to clip the Leviathan’s wings in order o slow it down enough that it can be hit with the heavy cannon. Blake manages to hurt one of the creatures wings and it chases her and Sun into some rock formations on the water. The captain sees this and increases the ships speed, ramming the ships mast through the creature. He then fires the heavy cannon which completely destroys the creature. Blake then slaps Sun when he goes for a hi-five.

Later on as the ship gets underway again Blake questions Sun about why he was following her. He reveals that he saw her sneak off the night of the attack on Beacon. He thinks that she’s going after the White Fang and that she’s trying to do the fight on her own. Sun however says that she going to need help on her crusade and that he’s the one to help her. Blake tells him he’s wrong however and reveals that she’s heading home to Menagerie to get away from the White Fang. Sun says he’ll still come with her anyway, noting that the Grimm are getting worse and that the White Fang may come after her anyway (Plus he’s already on the boat).


Meanwhile in Salem’s Castle Salem is attempting to teach Cinder how to control something when a jellyfish looking Grimm comes in and says something to Salem. This prompts Salem to ask Cinder again if she did in fact kill Ozpin. Cinder tries to call Emerald over to translate for her but Salem stop her and says that she wants to hear it from Cinder herself. Cinder manages to croak out a yes and Salem tells the jellyfish to reinforce their numbers at Beacon because the “relic” is there. As the jellyfish departs Salem wonders what “they” are planning.


This was a good episode, with the introductions to both Blake and Yang’s story arcs for this season. Blake’s story about fleeing the White fang isn’t surprising though it should be interesting to meet the rest of her family and I’m fine with Sun joining her on the trip. I was wondering what would happen to the rest of the Teams after Volume 3 and while I’m guessing we won’t see the rest of Team SSSN or Team CFVY for a while it’s nice to see at least one of them is still around. I wasn’t expecting them to get to Yang’s storyline until next week but I’m fine with them doing it now since I can’t imagine there’s a whole lot going on there anyway.


Stylewise, The Leviathan fight was as we got to see some cool aerial fighting from both Blake and Sun. I liked the new water effects as well though I’m kind of iffy on the weird hexagonesque pattern they had going on for most of the episode. Otherwise, good stuff.


  • It’s never really been directly addressed but I was wondering how common cybernetic limbs are in the RWBY universe. So far we’ve see that Mercury has cybernetic legs and Ironwood is half machine, but otherwise it hasn’t really been addressed. That Taiyang was going to have to go through a lot of hassle to procure one suggests that maybe they’re not all that common though.
  • With the golem in the first episode and the jellyfish in this one, they really seem to be going with some very weird Grimm designs this season.
  • While I mentioned that we probably won’t see them for a while, the fact that Team RNJR’s destination is Mistral suggests that we may see the rest of Team SSSN sooner rather than later.

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