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RWBY Volume 4: Chapter 4 "Family" Review

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It’s time for our Yang focused episode after a two week break (Sort of, I don’t count World of Remnant as being actual episodes) and so let’s get right into it then with the recap Spoilers after the break:



We start off with the farm boy Oscar from the first episode walking into a barn after a day of work. He notices something in a nearby mirror and goes to investigate. He says “hello?” to which a voice replies “Hell, I’m Professor Ozpin.”


Yang meanwhile is having a nightmare about her fight with Adam. She awakens to hear voices coming from downstairs. She goes to investigate and discovers Taiyang hanging out with Professor Port and Dr. Oobleck. As they’re telling a story about Qrow they notice Yang and invite her join them. As Port starts telling a story about Taiyang Tai cuts him off by pointing out his daughter is in the room to which port retorts that she’s an adult now and can handle hearing some jabs about her dad. Tai starts to retort but Yang gets annoyed and says that she’s been through enough to be considered an adult. Tai retorts that she’s not ready for the real world and that she must have lost some brain cells in addition to her arm. Port and Oobleck are appalled but Yang realizes he’s ribbing her and laughs it off. Port then asks Yang why she hasn’t tried on her cybernetic arm yet. Yang says that she’s scared and that while appreciates that everyone wants to help her get back to normal, her not having an arm anymore is her new normal. Tai says that normal is whatever ever you make of it to which Yang angrily asks what that’s supposed to mean and points out that she’s never going to get her arm back. Tai then replies that while it’s true she won’t get her arm back, that doesn’t mean that this can stop her from doing whatever she wants and that when she’s done moping he’ll be there for her. Port then says that fear is an emotion and like all emotions it’ll pass eventually.

Later that night as Yang heads up to bed she hears Port and Oobleck departing. Port asks if Tai has heard from Ruby to which he replies he hasn’t. Port asks if he’s considered going after her to which he says he’s still got things to take care of here.


Meanwhile Team RNJR is making their way to the next town. They express surprise that they haven’t seen any Grimm in a while and comment on their good luck. meanwhile on a rock above them a Grimm is perched and watching them when it is suddenly slain by Qrow who it’s revealed had killed several such Grimm that were following them.

Later on in town Qrow watches Team RNJR check into the Inn from a nearby bar when a waitress walks up to him with a drink and tells him it’s from a red eyed lady upstairs. After flirting with the waitress Qrow heads upstairs and tersely greet his sister Raven. Qrow asks her what she wants to which she asks if a girl can just catch up with her family. Qrow says she can but that’s not why she’s here. Raven asks Qrow if “She” has “It” to which Qrow asks if she knew that Yang had lost her arm. He cuts her off before she can answer saying that it was a rhetorical question and chastises her for bringing up family while she pretends that Yang does exist. Raven retorts that she saved Yang’s life to which Qrow point out she only did that once. She then point out that she told him that Beacon would fall and that Ozpin would fail and she asks him again if Salem has “It”. Qrow points out that she wasn’t interested in this stuff before to which she wants to know what “We’re” up against. Qrow asks her which “We” she’s referring to and tells her that she should come back because the only way they’re beating Salem is together. Salem replies that she’s still loyal to the tribe and that Qrow shouldn’t have turned his back on them to which Qrow says they’re a bunch of murders and thieves. She reveals that she’s the leader of the tribe now and that she’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that they survive. Qrow replies that he knows having seen the aftermath of there attack on Seone. Raven tries to justify this but Qrow cuts her and Raven then goes to leave, saying that if he doesn’t know if Salem has the relic or not then they’re done here. Qrow stops her and asks her if she knows where the Spring Maiden is and Raven asks him why she should tell him that. Qrow sasy that if they don’t find her “We’re” all going to die to which Raven snidely ask which “We” he’s referring to and departs through a portal.


Back at Tai’s house Tai is watering some flowers when Yang comes outside wearing her cybernetic arm. He says it’s time for them to get started.


This was a good episode, we got some direction in Yang’s storyline and got caught up on Qrow’s side of things. I’m also glad that they gave some more screen time to Raven as her presence on the show to date has been kind of a jumbled mess (They still haven’t followed up on the Volume 2 post credits scene for example) and so I’m happy that she’s being brought into focus. It’s also interesting that they’re putting her as an antagonistic character that the heroes might have to deal with at some point. It’s a development that we’ll have to keep our eyes on.



  • World of Remnant: We had one on living outside the kingdoms last week. Basically unless you have strong defenses you’re screwed.
  • Professor Port is afraid of mice, apparently because their tails are gross and they bring disease.
  • So I’m pretty sure I already know but does anyone want to speculate why Qrow is trailing Team RNJR?

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