I’m trying something new here where I’m taking the review part out of these posts. I haven’t been that satisfied with the Reviews basically being general praise and little else so instead they’re going be gone for now and instead if I have something to comment about in the episode it’ll be in the recap itself in parentheses and italicized (Like this for example). Anyway just wanted to give a heads up to anyone who actually cared about the review portions of this. Onto the Recap itself, Spoilers follow:


We start off the episode with the ship arriving in Menagerie and Blake & Sun disembarking. Sun marvels at the large number of Faunaus present but expresses discomfort with it being very cramped. Blake explains that it’s because the majority of the population on Menagerie lives on only one part of the island with the rest being very dangerous desert. Sun changes his mind on the place after getting a good view of the town though Blake isn’t as impressed and notes that Menagerie is just a giant reminder of how humans tried to be rid of the Faunaus by moving them somewhere else. Blake then says it’s time to go home to and Sun then attempts to guess which house is hers before she points to the giant mansion in the middle of town, much to his surprise.

At the mansion, Blake is nervous about knocking on the door but Sun encourages her and she does it. The door opens and they’re greeted by Blake’s mother Kali who is both shocked and overjoyed to see Blake again, they’re then joined by Blake’s father Ghira who is also shocked and overjoyed to see Blake again.

The foursome sit down to have tea as Kali and Ghira both express their relief at Blake having survived Beacon’s fall to which Sun says that Blake is very skilled. Ghira asks Sun in an overprotective fatherly manner how Sun know this to which Sun nervously stumbles over his words while Kali asks Blake why he’s here. Blake says he followed her and Kali says that she sees and that she likes him, much to Blake’s embarrassment. There’s then a knock at the door for a meeting that Ghira forgot that he was going to have and goes to get rid of them. Blake asks who it is and Kali says that it’s the White Fang, much to Blake and Sun’s Alarm.


Blake and Sun rush to the front door and ask Ghira what he’s doing talking to the White Fang. Ghira introduces the two White Fang representatives Corsac and Fennec Albain and says that they are the White Fang’s representatives on the island. Sun freaks out at the Fang’s presence to which Fennec says that they’re not nearly as ferocious as the media makes them out to be to which Blake calls bullshit saying that she’s seen their malevolence up close. Ghira asks what she’s asking about to which Corsac replies that this is what they’re here to discuss. It dawns on Blake and Sun that Ghira doesn’t know about the White Fang’s involvement in the Fall of Beacon and lays it out for him. Ghira asks them if it’s true to which Fennec says it is. Blake goes to yell at them but is stopped by Ghira who asks that they explain themselves. Corsac says that the Vale branch has ceased following High Leader Kahn’s orders and has started following Adam’s instead. Fennec says that they’re there to assure Ghira that Adam’s actions do not reflect the rest of the White Fang to which Ghira asks how he can be sure of that. The Albains admit that things have gotten a bit more extreme since Ghira stepped down as leader of the White Fang and that the White Fang’s High Council is prepared to hunt down and punish the rogue members of the group as well as providing notes and strategies to Ghira about how they intend to do this. Ghira says he look them over but another day because for now he wants to spend some time with his daughter. The Albains acknowledge this and say it was nice to see Blake again and don’t blame her for leaving the White Fang saying that it’s a tough fight. Blake says she’s not done fighting yet. Ghira then shuts the door and Blake storms off while Sun says that the Albain’s are creepy. Ghira replies that he really doesn’t like Sun. Outside as the Albain’s depart they admit surprise at seeing Blake and comment that they’ll have to alert Adam to her whereabouts at once, revealing that they’re full of shit.

Meanwhile the waitress from the last episode is scrubbing the bar floors when Tyrian walks up to her and asks if she can help him find someone before he begins cackling.



  • Word of Remnant: We had one on the Faunaus, basically they’ve existed as long as humans have and have a long history of being oppressed and exploited. Also had a bit on their genetics, if you cross two Faunaus of the same type you’ll get the same type and ditto if you cross a human with a Faunaus. But if you cross tow different Faunaus types you’ll end up with something completely different.
  • While it’s not looking like this is likely, it does seem that the entire White Fang is in fact evil. The only I’m not sure about this yet is that we haven’t met Kahn yet to determine that for sure though I’m guessing that even if she doesn’t align with Salem’s group that’s they’ll still be antagonists for a while after this.
  • So they never said one way or another but I was under the impression before the Volume started that Blake was an orphan. I’m also not entirely sure how she got into Beacon after leaving the White Fang but since her parents knew about that they may have had something to do with it.