I think we’re at this shows mid season finale (meaning they’ll take three week break or so). I don’t know if this actually happening but if the show is on break for the next few weeks have a happy Christmas/Hanukah/Whatever everyone. Anyway, onto the Recap, Spoilers lie after this point:


The episode starts out with Team RNJR continuing their journey down a road before coming across what appears to be an attacked village. Upon investigating they discover that it was called Oniyuri that it wasn’t abandoned but merely uncompleted. Ren reveals that Oniyuri was intended to be the new home of several rich citizens of Mistral who wanted to break off from the kingdom and start one of their own, he also reveals in the process that his parents were among those who wanted to move there. When asked what happened he reveals that the Grimm had wiped them out.

Meanwhile back in Atlas Weiss is performing in her fathers charity concert, afterwards at the charity dinner Jacques is playing himself up while Weiss stands nearby looking uncomfortable. She spots a painting but goes to investigate when she’s stopped by Jacques. She says that she’s going to get a drink and in spite of Jacques snide comments manages to get away. She approaches the painting and starts getting hit on by a man named Henry Marigold. As he’s talking at her he flippantly reveals that he does know what the balls for and that he only comes for the food and drinks. Weiss gets angry at this and tells him to get out before she has him thrown out. He departs and Weiss goes back to looking at the painting. As she’s standing there she hears one of the party guests saying that Vale got was coming to it for not having the kind of defenses that Atlas has and good riddance to them. Weiss flips out at this, telling the guests to shut up and asking what’s wrong with them. Jacques tries to quiet her and grabs her arm but she pulls away from him and falls to the ground. When she does she accidentally summons a Grimm replica that goes to attack the lady that talking earlier. It gets shot down by Ironwood and the lady demands that Weiss be arrested. Ironwood refuses, saying that Weiss is the only one who’s making sense around here and departs.

Meanwhile back in Oniyuri the group prepares to depart when Ren here’s something approaching. That something turns out to be Tyrian who attacks them. After surviving his first wave of offense they ask him who he is. He refuses to say, saying that he was here for Ruby. Ruby is confused by this and Tyrian begins to laugh as he realizes that she has no clue about who he is and why he’s here. Ruby asks him why he’s here and he says he’s there to take her away. The others say that she’s not going anywhere and Tyrian attacks them again. As he’s fighting them Ruby shoots Nora with an electrically charged shot that Tyrian thinks was aimed for him. The shot however charges up Nora who strikes at Tyrian with a heavy blow. As the smoke clears from her attack however it’s revealed that Tyrian blocked it with his scorpion tail, revealing himself to be a Faunaus. Ruby asks Tyrian again what this is about, to which he reveals that he serves his “goddess” which Ruby thinks is Cinder. Tyrian tells her that that’s incorrect and attacks again. He manages to down them all and goes to finish off Ruby when Qrow rushes in and blocks the attack. He and Ruby greet each other as the episode ends.


  • Boy Jacques sure does suck, I’ve only seen him twice now he’s already my least liked character.
  • Actually all of Atlas sucks really, it would seem they haven’t experienced danger in a long time.
  • Tyrians tail matches his braid.