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RWBY Volume 4: Chapter 7 "Punished"

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Happy Holidays everyone, turns out they did stick one final episode in this year and this here recap is my gift to all of you. Hope you like it, if not, to bad, it’s nonrefundable. Anyway onto the review, Spoilers after this point:


We start off with farm boy Oscar in his room as his Aunt calls him for dinner. As he goes to leave his room Ozpin’s voice begins talking to him, telling him that they need to leave. Oscar tries to ignore Ozpin, saying that he’s decided that Ozpin’s not real and that Ozpin should just give up. Ozpin tries to convince Oscar that he is real but this just angers Oscar even more. Ozpin then reveals that his and Oscars souls and Auras are combined, which is how Oscar can hear him now. To prove it Ozpin asks Oscar to describe the Headmasters office at Haven, Oscar doesn’t think he can but then begins to describe it in very great detail, much to his surprise. This just frustrates Oscar more and he lashes out at Ozpin again. Ozpin implores Oscar to reconsider saying that world needs help and that he knows that Oscar doesn’t want to be a farm boy in Mistral forever. Oscar then realizes that Ozpin has been reading his thoughts to which Ozpin replies that it’s their thoughts now, which prompts Oscar to loudly shout for Ozpin to get out of his head. Oscar then hears his aunt calling for him again.


Meanwhile back in Atlas Jacques is freaking out over Weiss’s actions at the charity ball. Weiss tells him that she wants to leave which Jacques tells her is out of the question as this isn’t about what she wants, it’s about preserving the Schnee family name, something Jacques thinks Weiss doesn’t care about. Weiss says that she has been upholding the Schnee family name, a name that Jacques married into. Jacques slaps her for this and says that he’s very disappointed with her behavior and that her siding with her sister Winter will only drive the family further apart than together. Weiss says that she isn’t siding with anybody and that it’s her legacy to lead the Schnee family, not Jacques, and that she’ll do it as a huntress. Jacques tells her that she won’t be doing this and that she’s forbidden to leave the manor grounds. Weiss is appalled at this and asks if she’s supposed to his prisoner now, to which Jacques responds by saying that she’s a child and children are grounded when they misbehave (However voices Jacque does a really good job of making him sound like a smarmy asshole). Weiss asks him how he intends to explain her absence in public as people will wonder about the Schnee heir going missing. Jacques reveals that she’s no longer the heir and that she’s been replaced in this role by Whitley. Weiss is caught completely off guard by this as Jacques says that it’s time for her to face reality and he departs.

Weiss sees Whitley out in the hallway as Jacques leaves and goes out and confronts him. Weiss asks him if he about all this to which Whitley feigns ignorance. Weiss then realizes that Whitley helped engineer this to which he then confirms by menacingly saying that she shouldn’t disobey father orders (Like father like son I see). He then says that the Schnee family is in good hands and departs. Weiss is completely distraught over this and goes back into her room to cry. As she does this a couple of Atlas military jets fly past her window. Seeing this appears to give Weiss a plan as she moves her furniture out of the way of one corner of the room and retrieves her rapier from it’s case.


Meanwhile back back in the ruins Tyrian expresses joy at Qrows arrival as this gives him a real fight now. Qrow tells Tyrian he needs to leave to which Tyrian then introduces himself and says that he can’t leave without completing the orders from his Queen, which Qrow recognizes as meaning Salem. Qrow and Tyrian then begin fighting an evenly matched battle. Ren and Nora briefly try to help out but get knocked back and Qrow tells them to keep back. Ruby responds to this by saying “Fine” and jumping up onto a nearby rooftop to try and snipe at Tyrian. She gets her chance when Tyrian manages to disarm Qrow, firing some shots that Tyrian easily blocks. This however distracts Tyrian, allwoing Qrow to pummel him with his fists and knock him back. They go back at it again after Qrow retrieves his sword and the battle moves into a nearby building. Ruby rushes over to help as they come blasting out of the building. She begins to help Qrow fight Tyrian again a bit before he tells her again to stay back. Ruby thinks he’s trying to tell her to stay out of the fight and is pissed at this but Qrow was actually trying to warn her about the ruins falling apart around them as a beam falls towards Ruby. Qrow manages to destroy it but gets sliced across the stomach with Tyrian’s stinger (Hopefully he’s not poisonous). Ruby takes advantage of this to sever Tyrian’s tail and causes him to completely lose his mind (More so than before). As the rest of Team RNJR comes to back up Ruby and Qrow Tyrian decides to beat a hasty retreat, mumbling to himself that his Queen will forgive him as he goes. Qrow collapses from his wounds but tells the others that he’ll be fine. They all begin asking Qrow what’s going on, to which he replies by asking what their favorite fairy tales are.


  • World of Remnant: This one was about the Schnee Dust Company. Basically Weiss’s grandfather Nicholas was a hard working jack of all trades who used his father money to locate several dust mines throughout the world and used them to build the well respected Schnee Dust Company. However as he grew older and his work in the dust mines took it’s toll on Nicholas he turned control of the company over to his son in law Jacques, who grew the company even larger, albeit very ruthlessly.
  • I’m hoping Jacques and/or Whitley gets their asses kicked by Weiss before this season is over. I’m also hoping Momma Schnee shows up at some point, if for no reason than to see what she’s like as a character.
  • In case nobody picked up on it, Oscar and Ozpin are both Wizard of Oz references. (Oscar being the first name of the Wizard)

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