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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Have I mentioned that Roosterteeth’s website is a pain in the ass to work with? Grant you, this has been a constant over the years but it usually wasn’t a problem simply because I avoided using it. Anyway I bring this all up because apparently there was a new RWBY episode last week but nowhere on the website did it indicate this. So anyway, here’s my late spoilerly recap of Chapter 8:


Things start off with Team RNJR & Qrow around a campfire. Qrow had apparently just told the team the story of the maidens and they were all taking it in.They ask him some questions about how the Maidens work and he recounts the story of how Amber, the previous Fall Maiden had been attacked and had some of her powers stolen by Cinder and how they tried to stop her from taking the rest by transfering it to Pyrrha. Jaune accuses them forcing Pyrrha into it but Qrow points out that they had told her what she was getting into and that she had volunteered. Ruby then asks why Tyrian was after her and Qrow tells her that her Silver Eye powers had drawn the attention of Salem and her crew and that they wanted to take her out because of it and that he, Qrow had been following the team to make sure that they were safe. Ruby asks why he didn’t just travel with them then too which Jaune points out that he was using her as bait. Jaune then flips out and asks Qrow what all the attacks are about.


Qrow then tells them a story about a pair of brother gods, one who loved to create life and one who wanted to destroy it. The two brothers fought constantly until with the younger brother making Grimm to help him in his plans until his brother stopped him and they came to a truce and made a creature that could do both things, Humanity. Qrow then reveals that Humanity was given four gifts in it’s creation: Knowledge, creation, structure, and choice and that these four gifts existed in phyical form in the form of relics. He reveals that the four Huntsman academies were built around the four relics to act as protection and to keep the relics out of enemy hands. Ruby realizes that this means Salem which Qrow confirms, he says that not much is known about Salem but that if she gets her hands on the relics that things won’t end well for anyone.

Meanwhile back in Menagerie Blake is hanging outside her fathers office. Kali shows up with a tea set and points out that she can go in if she wants to. Blake says that she doesn’t want to bother him and Ghira hands her the tea set and leaves, forcing Blake to go in. Inside she’s greeted warmly by her father and they sit down for tea. They make awkward small talk until Ghira says something that he apologizes for. This causes Blake to break down and ask him why he said this. It turns out that she feels guilty about how things ended between them before when her parents left the White Fang and she stayed. Ghira tells her that her and her mother will always love her and that he’s proud of her for facing her demons and fighting the against the White Fang. Blake points out that she didn’t do it alone and Ghira then asks her why she left them and came to Menagerie. Before she can answer Sun comes crashing through the door, much to the twos annoyance.

Back at the campfire, Jaune asks why if everything Qrow has told them is true, hasn’t the rest of the world been alerted to whats going on with Nora piping in asking why they aren’t in more of a rush to get to Haven. Qrow says that the Haven Headmaster is a smart man and he’ll be on his guard and that the rest of the world doesn’t know about the maidens and Salem and such is that it’ll cause chaos and cause another great war. He says that Salem works from the shadows and is attempting to divide humanity and doing a hell of a job of it so far. Nora asks what they should do next, to which Qrow says eh doesn’t know. He notes however based on the present circumstances that the next school to be attacked is likely to be Haven and that he hopes that the Headmaster will know what to do next. Ruby then asks him why all the secrecy to which Qrow reveals that his semblance is to cause bad luck in the people around him, which is why he usually works alone because he can’t turn the power off. Qrow then saunters off to take a walk but Ruby calls out after him if there’s anything else he want to tell them. Qrow’s crow then shows up and Qrow says there’s nothing right now.

Back in Menagerie Blake is slapping Sun for his bursting in. He apologizes and says that it’s really important and about the White Fang. Blake cuts him off and says that she told him that she didn’t come here to fight the White Fang. Sun however says that Kali told him that the White Fang don’t wear masks in Menagerie and that he has a picture that proves otherwise. Blake knocks Suns Scroll out of his hands when he goes to show her. In doing this the duo spots a ninja watching them from the trees and they give chase.


Back in camp the team wakes up to discover that Qrow’s blood has turned blue (Turns out Tyrian was poisonous) and he passes out to close out the episode.


  • They keep avoiding giving the Haven headmaster a name, so how much do want to bet that the headmaster is Dr. Watts?

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