Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Barring anymore interruptions we should be in the home stretch of the season. Or at least I hope so, nothing quite breaks the flow like taking a week off to have another World of Remnant segment or something. Anyway Spoilers lie below, beware:


We start off with Yang and Taiyang sparring outside their house. Yang manages to win the fight and Tai acknowledges that she’s getting better, but that her balance needs work. Yang doesn’t know what he means and he explains that she has a tendency to over rely on her semblance to win fights and that she needs to learn to use it as a fallback instead of her primary means of fighting. He says that she has a lot of her mother in her which Yang snarks at, pointing out that now after all this time he was willing to talk about her. Tai points out that she pointed out that she as an adult now and Yang apologizes for reminding him of Raven. He tells her not to be, because she has many of Raven’s positive traits without the bulk of her many flaws (I wonder if he’s ever actually going to tell her the whole truth there). They have one more sparing match which Yang wins.


Meanwhile back in Atlas Weiss is practicing her summoning abilities when Whitley shows up. He smarmily tells her that he’s going into town with Jacques and wants to know if there’s anything he can get her. She asks him if he’s jealous of her and Winter and if that’s why he hates them (Apparently Whitley can’t summon). Whitley tells her no, saying that he considers the whole huntsman thing to be barbaric and that one huntsman can’t compare to a whole army (Boy was he not paying attention to the Fall of Beacon). She tells him to leave and shuts the door on him. She then resumes her summoning and summons the Knight from her trailer from way back. Klein comes rushing in to investigate the commotion and Weiss asks him to do a favor for her, to which he smiles.

Back in Menagerie, Sun and Blake continue their pursuit of the ninja across the rooftops of the town. Blake manages to catch up with her and asks why she was spying on her. Sun shows up and they attack her, knocking her scroll out of her hands. Sun distracts the ninja while Blake goes and grabs the scroll. The ninja manages to escape Sun and in doing so her mask falls off. Blake recognizes her face and calls her Illia. Illia then stabs Sun in the chest and demands that Blake hand over the scroll. Balke refuses and Illia flees, saying that Blake shouldn’t have come back as she departs. Blake rushs to the severely injured Sun’s side and calls for help, saying this can’t happen again.

Meanwhile on the road, Team RNJR is transporting the severely injured Qrow on a stretcher. They come to a fork in the road, with one route going up into the mountains and another going around them. Ren notes that they wouldn’t be able to transport Qrow through the mountains and so Jaune suggests that they go around them to Kuroyuri, the village down the other road. Ren says that this a bad plan and starts to get frustrated when Nora cuts in and say that she and Ren will go into the mountains while the others take the long way. The teams splits up and as Jaune and Ruby head down the their road Ruby tells Jaune that Nora and Ren will be fine. Jaune says that she doesn’t know that. As they walk down the road the camera zooms out to reveal a rather large Grimm footprint.


  • Based on how they reacted to it, I’m guessing that Kuroyuri is Ren and Nora’s hometown.
  • In case anyone does know, there’s a RWBY manga now and it mostly deals in prequel stories to the main plot. One of the plots was about the White trailer from way back when. Basically the events of that trailer was Jacques attempting to keep Weiss from going to Beacon by having her fight the Knight as a test. It was a test she wasn’t supposed to win but she did anyway.
  • I like Illia’s weapon, it’s like Weiss’s except it’s a chain whip sword instead of a rapier.

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