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RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 2 "Remembrance" Review

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You know, I wouldn’t mind having to watch these on Roosterteeth’s website as opposed to waiting for them to be on Youtube if the website had worked consistently well over the years. At least my account didn’t get randomly deleted this time (I was fully prepared to start a weekly running counter of how many times it did this if it had done it this week). Oh well, onto the recap:



We pick up where the last episode left off with Weiss slowly making her way to her fathers study. In the hallway she bumps into her younger brother Whitley who warns her that her their father was arguing with someone in the study. Weiss notes that Whitley’s changed a lot since she last saw him to which he notes that he hadn’t stop growing while she was gone. He tells her that she’s strong like their sister Winter and heads off while Weiss continues onto the study.


Meanwhile, Ruby has a nightmare of Pyrrha saying Jaune’s name repeatedly before she wakes up to at the teams campsite. The team heads out to the town of Shea which Jaune is very familiar with having been there with his family in the past. Upon arrival in the town though they discover that it has been destroyed with it’s residents slaughtered by Grimm. They find a dying huntsmen who tells them all this while the team tries to figure out how to help the man. He dies before they can do anything however and Ren stalks off in dismay while Jaune wishes that they could stop losing everything.

Back in Atlas, Weiss is outside her father’s office when she hears hims arguing with someone inside. That person turns out to be James Ironwood, who wants Weiss’s father Jacques to do something that he doesn’t want to do. They notice Weiss’s presence before they continue on and Ironwood apologizes to her and says that she’ll always have a place at Atlas Academy before leaving. Jacques complains about how people blame Atlas for the attack on Vale and how Ironwood has put an embargo on Dust sales because there’s a good chance that a new war will start soon. He then tells her that he’s hosting a charity concert to remind people that the people of Atlas are still on the side of the rest of the world. He then tells her that he wants her to perform in this concert and makes it clear that she’ll be doing this whether she wants to or not. Outside the study Weiss runs in Klein who gives her some coffee and cheers her up from her meeting with Jacque.


Meanwhile Ruby has a nightmare again and awakens to discover that Jaune is missing from their campsite. She finds him nearby practicing his swordsmanship to an instruction video from Pyrrha. As video goes on Pyrrha says she’s proud of all the progress Jaune has made and that she’s happy to be part of his life and will always be there for him before the video loops back to the beginning as Jaune continues practicing and Ruby mournfully walks back to camp.


Another good episode, I was expecting it to focus entriely on Weiss but there didn’t seem to be much to set up there so the additional focus on Team RNJR was nice. On the graphics side of things, something I didn’t notice in the last episode (probably because there was nowhere to see it) was the light effects from the windows showing up on the characters, That looked cool. Anyway onto next week, where we’ll presumably catch up with Blake.



  • Nobody seemed to have anything nice to say about the guy before he showed up but they undersold it because boy, Jacques Schnee sure is a smarmy asshole.
  • Klein can change the color of his eyes, sort of like how Neo could. I wonder what that means.
  • Speaking of, Neo’s fate is still unknown but I guessing that she’s still alive and probably pissed about what happened to Torchwick.
  • So in hindsight he honestly doesn’t look all that different from previous seasons, but the fact that Ironwood has a stubble beard now completely threw off and made me not recognize him until this episode.

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