For about half the country, you're already watching the conclusion of tonight's episode, and for the other half, it's a few minutes away. I talked about the show's falling ratings quite a bit, and with the most recent episode it looks like things are really ramping up, finally.


So I think the time to really come back to the show is right now, and see if it's worthy of our continued attention. For those of you who have remained fans since the beginning, no doubt you'd like for some of us to return to viewing as well. Briefly, I'd like to cover some thing you can do to help bolster your favorite show no matter what it is:

- The best thing you can do is to simply watch it. Sure, maybe you're not a Nielsen family, but you can log onto Hulu or Netflix or OnDemand or whatever you have access to and view the most recent episode, even if you've seen it during the initial broadcast airing. Just remember you need to do it as soon as you can after the episode is made available, as that's when the networks themselves most relevantly view the ratings. Read why networks don't care if audiences watch a show a week later here.

- Where a few years ago fans would've done a letter-writing campaign, today the best thing to do is simply spread word-of-mouth. But going up on Twitter to complain to @ABC directly that they shouldn't cancel your favorite show isn't the way to do it (or at least, it isn't going to catch a lot of attention). What you should do is encourage other people to watch it if they aren't. Give them a compelling reason - it's really getting into the action now, the plots are getting smarter, or any other clever way you can think of.

- Finally, just talk to people. Be prepared to come up with reasonable defenses and compelling reasons why people should watch. Ask if they wouldn't mind spoilers if they think it might help compel them to keep watching the show. One of the best things about watching a show is talking about it, and getting the discussion going might be enough to bring in the viewers.


Image from Fandango