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Sacrilege For The Sabbath

I have an unholy trinity of unusual stories about religion this week. Let's jump right in:

A high school runner in Kentucky was forced to drop out of a race when she couldn't get a replacement bib number. The original number she was given: 666, the number of the Beast. Codie Thacker trained for months for the race, but felt running with that number would "risk my relationship with God". Everyone knows that God closely monitors all high school cross country races looking for runners who have marked by the Beast.


Next up is a Colorado Christian group who is airdropping bibles into North Korea. Pastor Eric Foley and his Seoul USA organization have been releasing hydrogen filled balloons that contain bibles into a communist country where it is illegal to own a bible. In 2009, North Korea even executed a woman for distributing bibles. Sounds like a solid plan. The groups next mission will be to drop Torahs into Iran.

Finally, a positive story about standing up against religious persecution. Eric Fromm, the student body president at Northwest Christian University, came out as an atheist this week. Apparently there were rumors on campus that Fromm, a communications major, didn't love the Lord like everyone else, and he felt he needed to confess.

"Truth be told, I came to NCU not because of its religious affiliations, but because it had a solid communications program."

You chose your college based off of the quality of the program that you are majoring in and some other arbitrary thing? STONE HIM!!! Actually, it seems that only a few people at the school even care. Further proof that atheists are the least persecuted group of people ever.

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