Saga is not like other comics. These aren't issues, so much as chapters. There is no supervillain who gets thrown in jail, only to break out to swear revenge in a few issues (at least, that hasn't happened yet). If you miss a chapter, you might lose the thread of the story... which is half the reason for these recaps. (Spoilers ensue.)

As the sun has set, Izabel goes back on the clock, leading our heroes to the rocketship forest. It appears to be devoid of life, but this is revealed to be another illusion.

Elsewhere, Prince Robot IV has well and truly stuck his foot in it. The Freelancer's Union is a big deal- - as has been mentioned a few times— and he just murdered one of their best operatives. His attaché, McHenry, will corroborate his story. Aaaaaand that's when he realizes The Stalk may have been disconnected, but her call wasn't. The Will is still on the phone. His Royal Boob Tube explains his side of things.


It goes about as well as you expect. There isn't even a beat before The Will gives probably the best threat of his career: "Listen to my voice, boy. I aim to murder you... right after I murder everything you ever loved."

Prince Robot hangs up. The Will hangs his head, broken-hearted.


I'd be delighted to read the scripts for these, to see how much reign Fiona Staples had to pace these moments, herself. Some comic scripts work fast and loose— when there's a script at all— while others (ala Alan Moore) will have pages of subtext to think about for a single panel. I feel like this falls somewhere in the middle? But... just look at this. We get everything we need out of four panels, and there's not a damn word to be seen.


Anyway. The fam readies to board the rocket, but Izabel lets 'em know the rules: If you wanna go someplace new, you have to be willing to leave something of real value behind. Seems legit.


Sticking to the path of peace, Marko destroys his family sword. Open sesame. (He keeps the hilt. Go figure.) Off they go. Once she's gotten used to the idea of flying through space in a ship made of wood, Alana has an idea about where they can go: to visit "the smartest man in the universe."

Prince Robot IV boards The Stalk's ship, a massive, repurposed skull (because of course it is). The plot thickens: The Stalk was apparently hired by the 'Moonies', Marko's people. So in less than a week, both sides of a massive war have discovered Hazel's existence, and want her captured as swiftly as possible. Eeep. Prince Robot IV, arguably one of the smartest characters we've met so far, intuits where Alana would go for sanctuary: Quietus, the home planet of her favorite author.


As if having bounty hunters and a deadly robot after them, the young family's besieged by the immediate arrival of two more warriors: Marko's parents.


That wraps up the first six chapters (along with the first graphic novel) of Saga. I cannot recommend it highly enough. This should have a proud place on your bookshelf, because it's friggin' amazing. Go pick it up!



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