Sailor Moon Crystal's opening leaks - DAT REVO-COMPOSED OP

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal doesn't première till this Saturday, but the show's new transformation sequence for Usagi/Serena (Goddammit DiC-dub, I just can't quit you) as well as the show's new Opening, has leaked onto the internet.

It's not the best quality video - be prepared for the audience to occasionally squee loudly and yell 'SUGOI!!!' - but it's our first look and listen to Moon Pride, the show's new theme title. It's so Revo (That's the dude behind the OP songs for Attack on Titan and the soundtrack for Bravely Default), it hurts. I love it!

I can't wait to watch this series you guys!

Sailor Moon's New Transformation Sequence Has Leaked

Though the Sailor Moon reboot doesn't start broadcasting until July 5th, footage of an advanced screening has leaked—notably, Sailor Moon's new transformation sequence, as well as the new intro to the show.

If you don't want either of these things spoiled, you shouldn't watch either of these videos. Fair warning!

Here's the new transformation sequence in full, uploaded by Matthew Pearl, along with the old transformation sequence—for comparison's sake. Skip to :44 seconds if you just want to see the new one:

And here's some off-screen footage of the new opening, recorded by Kuchenreich. Note that you'll be able to hear an audience react to the footage, too:

What do y'all think? I'm a fan—straight up got emotional watching the new intro for the first time, heh. And that song? So catchy. I'm looking forward to Saturday!